The Design Templates

Hey Guys,

I have been enjoying stonehearth a fair bit, but one thing that really annoys me to no end is that the house templates (while they can be edited a little) cannot have their wall type changed, this annoys me as I like to convert the houses with 4 beds into workshops, and I like to picture that the Mason and Blacksmith would have Stone Houses rather than Woodern houses. But i can’t change the four bed house to having stonewalls, despite it seeming like I can. I think this would be great, the ability to edit templates a lot more would make it so people to steal your housing ideas, and supplement them with their own,


well there always is designing custom buildings… :wink:


dont know right now, but in alpha 8-9 you can change the type of wall by clicking on the wall and then clicking on the type you want to swap to


Its easy to modify the json file directly. I changed them to comfy beds and reinforced doors.

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For those of use who do not edit json files regularly how would one go about this?

watch @flpsantoss video :smile:

That was my first time hearing of json files. They generally name their variables well, so its easy to swap them. The most difficult part is searching through all the folders in stonehearth.smod to find the file names.

I’ve never messed with the walls and columns so if you try it out, I’d like to hear if it works:

Go to …\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates
Make a copy of “shared sleeping quarters” and rename it what you want to name it and open it in something like notepad.
Ctrl+f “Shared Sleeping Quarters” and change that to whatever you want to name it.This changes the in-game name.

Change all instances of “wood_wall” to “cobblestone_wall” or “plastered_wall”

Replace all instances of “wooden_peaked_roof” with whatever roof type you want. The types of roof are “blue_slated_peaked_roof”, “castle_roof”, “red_slate_peaked_roof”, “thatch_peaked_roof”, and “wooden_peaked_roof”.

For columns, you should change “#332B1F” (wooden) to “#644F46” (stone).