Player Made Houses, or more houses, for Down Load

I was wondering about house that people have built, I’m not even sure where to put this question, but what I want to know is there a place to DL new houses, like payer made ones, is that even possible, is there a website I can go to? I’m simply curious about what people are designing/building.

They’re normally saved as .json files in your "…\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates"
And you don’t see many, after the multi-level buildings is implemented you might start to see more/cooler buildings.
Since we can’t upload .json files via threads like .qmo’s and .jpg’s people probably don’t wanna go through the hassle…

The way I share files other than supported formats are .zips and .rars They are supported and can contain jsons and other files types. It is possible to share files but I havent seen people doing so as of yet.

Appreciate the feed back, please close, thankyou.

Before closing, there are still a few topics around here where people uploaded their houses, including me: A8 Premade Buildings - No longer work (1st pack in 1st post, a 2nd one at the end).

I know of at least one more topic on this… topic… when I find it I will let you know. :wink:

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