Uploading Building designs

So, some of us ( mainly me lol ) have trouble building our own designs. i really like other peoples castles and etc; i was wondering if its possible to maybe in the near future to be able to upload peoples buildings and we can download said design ?

For example Person A makes an AWESOME castle…well I want to build that! ; so Person A can upload their design and we can just download it into our buildings sections and viola we can make the buildings; heck make it so we can maybe even edit it into our own ( small tweaks to it)

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You can already share them but there is no way to easily share the file with everyone without third party websites.

I really love the simple designs, like various houses, workshops and etc. I prefer to keep my village looking like a village, ya feel? xD Although I would definitely build more if I didn’t get a million errors everytime I tried. :frowning:

Steam Workshop if this getting enabled, you could share anything :stuck_out_tongue:

God, my file from saved buildings is about to explode.