Eagle nest village

Hi all fellow hearthlings :merry:

I am making a new village. This time on the top of a mountain and with a new architecture on the buildings. I want to thank all of you that share your builds for all the amazing inspiration you provide!

All my builds will be uploaded to the template site by @BrunoSupremo. Here:


And here are the link to the thread on the discourse about the site:


Unfortunately the site dont give the option for more pictures than the png from the template, so i will post them in this thread, for more angles and a look inside.

My first buildings is the Herbalists house and workshop. Made like a tiny clinic.
Then there is the Eagle nest inn, with lots of living spaces.
And then The mason workshop…Rockys Mansion.

Everything is build by the hearthlings so i am sure it can be build before i upload it. NO MODS, just the original game is required to build them.

Resource wise, i have tried to focus on using mostly stone, then clay and lasty wood. That way i believe the buildings can fit in both the temperate and the dessert biome.

So here we go…

The Frost snap clinic

The Eagle nest inn

Rockys Mansion


Nice Village and Good Decorations :smiley: !


Thank you Banto :merry: The village is not so big right now (only three buildings) but i will post as i add new templates.

might i suggest, since it’s called Eagle NEST Village…put the village on top of a small cliff with homes build hanging over the cliff a bit with wood and rope bridges connecting areas high above the rest of the world.

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yes! what a great suggestion @Kitkat_Matt, i will try and see how i can make that. Oh i already got images floating around in my mind… i will name a hearthling after you for that! thank you :merry:

W< zomg lol thanks hahaha!

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I love the style you have created for this village. Really looking forward to see more. Great work.

I’m going to take notes! :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.

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So i have moved the entire village down on the mountainside, so i could get better access to farming and livestock.
With the sheeps all setup, Norna the weaver got her own workshop and mansion. I present:

Nornas Thread factory

Workshop downstairs with a bedroom on the first floor. A walkway over to the other structure, where there are a small dining area with a balcony and a stairway down to some stotage and a courtyard, where there can be planted silkweed or whatever one need space for.


Hi all loving these creations. Keep up to good work

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Wow this next building have really brought me a troubled mind the last couple of days :jubilant: The first version would not build, so i had to redesign a bit to make it work. Now it can be completed by the hearthlings!!

Designtime is around 5 hours, testing is around 15! This is quite a large build and it took my hearthlings 14 ingame days to complete it! That was with 10-12 workers and all the materials ready before start. No other projects only building this building as a focus… quite the fishtank :jubilant: If only i could have sent my troops out on a quest or something meanwhile… Well back to the numbers, it took 2,5 hours real time on 2xspeed to complete it (5hours on normal speed!!!)

EDIT: @Brackhar i thought that these numbers might give you guys a better picture on some of the effects the conversations have on the game?


I present to you:

Crafters Guild.

This building has workshops and livingspaces for the carpenter, blacksmith and engineer. A meeting/dinningroom, a windmillpowered elevator (at the moment the wind is a noshow, so the hearthlings need to use the stairs :wink:) A courtyard with room for lots of storage and lastly the guilds secret meetingroom in the basement!
You can find the template at the website that is linked to in the first post.

the Eagle nest village so far :merry:
Thanks for reading.


This is a very aesthetically pleasing build design you have. Good work would love to see it more developed.

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That is shaping up to be a really nice town, spofeo.
I’m looking forward to the finished town. (but don’t rush it because of that) :smiley:

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I am currently thinking about making another version of the templates. Changing just the color of the roofs. The current one is the orange clay. But the blue seems to fit in with the tier two ascendancy templates? And the brown seems to be quite neutral? It is alot of work to make the same buildings in three versions, so i thought i wanted to ask you guys from the community, what your favourite color on the builds are? Please give a vote and help me out to decide, thank you :merry:

  • Orange.
  • Blue.
  • Brown.

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Thanks for all the votes! I have made a version of the crafters guild with the brown roof, you can find it on the templatesite ( link in the first post).


Hi all, today i will present the biggest carpenter workshop i have ever made :jubilant:

The Sawmill.

On the ground floor we have the huge saw that cuts up even the biggest of trees… There is alot of storage for all the wood aswell. On the first floor there is a small office with a bed and the carpenters workshop itself.
Located on top of the roof, is the windmill that powers the saw. Unfortunately there is no wind today, so the log they where working on is stuck in the mill for now :smile:
I hope you like it, and for a download, see link in the first post.


Look like it took you a lot of time to gather material and worker in order to build these thing is it? (sorry bad english)

Yes that is correct. These buildings are not the first buildings in a new game, that one should order the hearthlings to build :merry: