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Added your site under the links area :slight_smile:


I finally got around to design some houses again. So I built a few, saved them, and increased your DB by 9 new templates for now. ^^

Side note: the upload fails if there’s an apostrophe (the ’ in “can’t” for example) in the description…


Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to fix it. Fixed. :sweat_smile:


hi, nice job for the page!

i accidently uploaded a unfinished version of my Lumber Mill (small)
is it possible to delete it that i can upload the finished version ? or will there be a override if i upload the same named file again ?



No overrides, it will simple list two builds with the same name.

Upload your new one, I will delete the old manually. Later on this little things will be easier with user accounts, I just need to find time to work on it.


I’m curious. Will this site (awesome as it is so far, and great uploads to the creators of them, btw, I been stalking the site for an hour or two now LOLS) have forums on it later? Or the ability to comment on uploaded templates?


Not forums, I think those are not needed in these types of sites, besides, this Discourse is already awesome for a forum.
Comments, yes for sure. Maybe also vote on buildings.


Oohhh, very nice. Looking forward to that! =) Possibly a featured section, which would give a use for the voting, unless you already have plans for that. lols


I thought of using votes as part of a sorting systems. You know, the usual show newest, show best voted, etc…


Awesome :smiley: Sounds like it’ll be epic.


just curios, but what would go under the “transport” category on the site?


Bridges, stairs, boats, trains, etc… Anything that should help a hearthling move from point A to point B. Even if they don’t move (static boats :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m thinking in removing categories, they do not help that much anyway…


Giants airships. Duh.
Probably something like Road sections. Like if somebody made a template of an asphalt road or something.


yeah… after asking i realized that boats would fit in there… feel kinda stupid now :laughing:

actually they do help imo, if you are looking for a castle, you can “hide” all the houses and other stuff and just look at the castles. though perhaps the categories could be a bit more fine grained…


I was thinking the same thing, too. I was thinking of external stairs to the terrain steps, as they have some kind of reliable height, while bridges might be complicated, as they probably always need to cover flexible distances… Not going to stop me from trying to build some, though! :smiley: (Come to think of it, my “town square”, currently in decoration, might also fit in transport…)

@BrunoSupremo Keep up the good work! As in: get back to it!!!111 :stuck_out_tongue: (Just kidding, I know perfectly well from my own experience, how the time demands of pet projects like this severely collide with the unfortunate “real world”…)

But to add to your already significant To-Do-list: maybe you can replace the categories with tags? This way, people can easily define their own when uploading, but suggesting existing ones can keep the basic idea. Also you can easily give several tags/“categories” to the same building (like decoration + transport for my town square…).


Tags… The more I think about it, more I agree.

As you suggested, if everything works well, the users themselves could create tags as needed. Or chose from a pool of already created ones, maybe sorted by most used tags.


so first of all thank you @BrunoSupremo for bringing this website to us. I think it’s awesome! :clap:

The Idea to rate the objects and perhaps leave a comment would be a nice touch. I don’t even have sorting in mind when i think about that but a chance to say thank you and show your appreciation to the people who share their work with you.

On this note thank you guys for uploadind your buildings :slight_smile: I have already downloaded my heart out and my sweet little hearthlings will be helping me to bring your hard created buldings in my game.


Hey, don’t you want to cooperate with the author of Praise DB?

  1. Seems like it already has accounts and versioning
  2. This way one can (hopefully) download templates via Praise


I have a complaint…:exclamation:
After downloading dozens of the templates and using the first in my current game, I would like to address the author of the “Fortress”. The two towers not only have no doors, so they become useless decoration, but the way they are being built turns them into a significant death hazard! :warning: :rotating_light:
I talk from experience here, as unfortunately, after looking for her forever, I noticed that my mason was built into one of the towers, and forgotten! I immediately issued the deconstruction, but alas, it was too late, and I could only recover her starved bo… grave stone. :coffin: Human/Hearthling tragedy aside, this also left a significant dent in my economy, as this was a level 6 master potter on Ascendency, so she already went through 4 levels of mason first!!

Image documentation - Viewer discretion advised, the following images might disturb some audiences: (:stuck_out_tongue:)

After hearing strange screams and knocking from inside the towers, the deconstruction is issued immediately…

…but unfortunately too late. Only the grave and some personal items can be recovered from the base of the south tower, the plans of which should have never gotten through the building inspection offices…

:wink: :smiley:

(Still, great model, I just might have to “adjust” it a bit… ^^)

Edit: Well, at least now I have an actual reason to build the “Cathedral overground” and place a graveyard behind it. :smiley:


Wow :frowning:

I download it too and also had problems with that one having no opening to the inside, but it was with scaffolding left there, not hearthlings.

There is one other template that has an error that makes it unusable which is that big fort. Cause the uploaded files were renamed by the author without editing the insides of the json, so the what the game is trying to load isn’t there, it can’t find the old file name and throws and error…

I added (not on the online version yet) one check for cases like that, the site will read the file and if it is renamed, it will update the json accordingly.