StoneHearth Builds - a fan site for sharing building templates!



I can’t even get that template to be built. It crashes my entire game when I click the “BUILD” button. =(


Great idea with the website @BrunoSupremo :slight_smile: I recently uploaded some of my own creations and wonder if someone is actually using them :stuck_out_tongue:

(Please don’t try to get your Hearthlings to build them by themselves :grin: )

A “downloaded X-times” and, as someone already suggested, a voting system would be really nice!


So I started a game with the goal of only using templates from here… (which is also what caused the “Fortress wall-in incident”). Now you can see the documented progress in it’s own thread: The beautiful village of Helperlad ^^


I used that template and what I did was to change it was before I hit the build button, I added a door to each of the towers. this worked out very well for me.

I think your post will help others to be able to adjust them before actually giving the build command


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I guess it would be nice to show warnings when on the template page. I actually have those in my template description, but maybe we need an indicator of sorts for templates like this.


Decided to upload some of my templates. Note that those marked as “construction-ready” need only ladders (and possibly furniture) to be considered complete.


Exactly what the game needs! It’s about time someone did this :slight_smile:


Found this gem of site today and i’m very enthusiastic :smiley:

Love this one! :heart: great job

p.s. added the link on my site so maybe someone can find it easier.


So, a quick update.
Long story short, it finally comes the time where the host provider made-up a silly reason to kidnap my site claiming it is breaking a rule and “ask” to upgrade to a premium account to get it back. If you try to access it right now you will get an error page.
The site (that online version at least) is lost forever, cause even if I upgrade, the files were already deleted by the host.

So I want some help from you guys to find a good hosting service :slight_smile:

And here a few good things

On my local version everything is good, and I’m almost finishing it.
I just need to add a way to sort (order by newest or popular) and filter (by tags) the search results.
Builds will now have information like how many downloads they got, stars received (a simple rate system), comments section for each one and tags (used in the search as filters). Also details like when it was submitted and by who.
Which leads us to the profile system, now players can own their builds in the site, and visiting a profile will list all the user builds he uploaded. That was for sure the most important missing feature in the old site, authorship.


aww man… that stinks :confounded: it’s been a long time since i looked into hosting services, so sorry i can’t be of any help there :confused:

but i’m glad to hear that you got profiles and such working, now we’ll know who to thank for the awesome builds!


would it be possible to suggest to Radiant that they setup a site for this? I know fan sites aren’t a rare thing, but a radiant hosted site wouldn’t be a bad idea either. That way they would have direct access to all the templates that are submitted for testing purposes and we, the players and testers, would have access as well.


What are the technical requirements for you site, which technologies are you using (PHP, Ruby, ASP,…) and which versions? That might help finding something.


Just plain php and mysql.
I also looked into some paid hosting, but they are too expensive for short periods of time, and a waste for a long periods if I didn’t use it (in case radiant implements their system)


something a little more … wacky-geeky-techy?


That is fascinating, yes. But I have a few problems and questions.
I don’t believe this sites is popular enough to always have one seeder online for newer visitors.
And I don’t understand how it will work with the database. Users send content to the site, not just the owner. So if someone sends a build, then disconnects before anyone else grabs that site version, other visitors will see a different site?
If all files are local, then how secure is it? There are things like database access that needs a password to open, and visitor would be able to see that and eventually have access to anything in the database.

By the way, total noob here, ok? Had never heard about this before.


I don’t know the details myself, as I only know about it but have not used it before)

But your concern about seeders probably will be addressed automatically, as I suspect that while a node can choose to host a copy of a site, a node cannot choose not to host other stuff which are auto-assigned to it. i.e. if you “upload” a copy of a site, it will automatically be assigned to other nodes in the network. i.e. won’t be dependent on party of dedicated seeders (who explicitly chooses to serve a site). but just guesses (at least I would make that a primary feature if I am the system’s designer)

Just throwing this as a suggestion as an alternative to good free-hosting, which seems to be hard to find. But just ignore it if it does not seem feasible.

EDIT: found a faq


Unfortunately, PHP is not possible there :sob:

And if it worked, in php we have some hard coded passwords (e.g. to open the database) and those should remain only in a server, the visitors should only receive the site layout results. In this p2p solution, they would have access to the raw files with all the variables.

Also, this would only work for visitor using this network, which is not popular outside the tech community. So major offline time to small sites like mine would be common for the lack of peers.

But for sure I saved it on my faves. I can see it working in other cases. Thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:


this is on AWS but I think only 12 months free… (then move the site elsewhere?)
could be a fallback if there aren’t anything else more suitable in short term.

Other possible sites (just copied the links, not sure how good)


I’m pretty sure Webs doesn’t have PHP & mySQL support, I don’t know about the others.