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Is there no way to make a “mod” out of current designs and get it into a mod section? I know that most people dont want the entire file, but it would be a short term fix.


or we could just manually do it in a thread, upload the json/png files separately or in an archive, every person posting theirs just edit their own post :slight_smile:

no search, sort etc. but yeah, it could be a short term fix.


Thank you all for the help.
I updated the first post with the new link and info.

We could call this a version 0.2. The updates are as follow:
It now has a user system, which is used to know who is who. As such, builds uploaded will have authorship, so we will know who created it. We can them check the user profile and see which other builds he has.
Such system also enables the users to leave comments on the builds or rate it with stars.
Stars are a very simple rate system, users can give a star to builds they like. This is them used to sort builds by popularity.
Popularity comes from the sum of stars, comments, and downloads a build has.
You can see how many downloads each one has.
And to help finding a build (when it starts getting to crowded) there are now tags. Uploaders can add tags to their builds, and users can chose a tag to filter what will be show on the search.
A visual rewrite was done too. We can see more builds in the screen with larger thumbnails.


Aw Yeah, New and improved baby! I created my account, no problems. Going to upload something now.

Edit: Worked again with no hitch. You’ve really improved the site, it’s awesome!


Great new version, so far, I love all of it! :smiley: I only uploaded a simple, old file, as I want to double check all my other templates first, to see if they still work with the current alpha.


Fixed a few bugs, main one being that tags with ’ (single quote) were giving errors, such as the “rayya’s children” tag.
Also the builders page will only show users that submitted buildings for now (instead of all registered users), else it would be too clustered.


wonderfully revived with improved formula :wink:

here’s an additional idea for improvement (may not be clear enough to qualify as a suggestion, so just take as idea of potential use, ignore if not feasible).

Allow builders to create Collections to organize their creations.

  • Collections groups individual templates together, either because the individual templates are modular and only makes sense if used together (e.g. FuralX’s castle walls and towers), or used for helping users find things of the same visual theme.

  • A Collection will appear as an item in search, but when clicked/linked, it will expand into a list of actual templates

  • Allow users to download collection at one go. (one archive file?)

  • An individual template can be a member of more than one collections.

  • Viewing an individual item will have easy links to the view of the collections it is a member of.

  • Additional options when uploading individual items to perhaps not show as individual item (in search) and only appear under collections. This can prevent templates in modular sets which are not useful individually from appearing in top level browse/search (but the Collection they are in will appear as one item).

and other possible stuff?


the site is “down”? have we already exceeded the free bandwidth (for the month I presume?).

EDIT: hmm seems like a different problem. maybe it will recover in a day.


I also arrived at that page upon refreshing the website.


It seems the site is too heavy for a free host.
At least this one doesn’t erased my stuff and locked me out. I still have access to everything and already made some changes.
The bandwidth is fine, I can see the stats and they have a huge margin. The problem is their low cpu limit (process power), it is too easy to reach it. So with any heavy php and database access(my case), too many access at the same time, or bots crawling, it will happen.
Either way, I implemented a few more optimizations, let’s see when it gets online again if it will hold fine. The faq says they lock it for 24 hours.


does the site have support for things like APC?

It may cut down the cpu consumption by reusing cached PHP bytecodes instead of the default which is php scripts being evaluated every time (assuming you are using PHP?)

Another possibility, though as last resort: add in some sort of time client side throttle to prevent any single client from issuing too many requests? which will hopefully reduce the chance of any point of time consuming too much cpu… then again, it will not work if there are more users…

not sure how reliable, but this came up in a search for “no cpu limit”.


Only for the paid plan. Premium web hosting, website hosting with free domain name

The heliohost seems better, and it has Zend Optimizer (APC equivalent?)


well if heliohost delivers what it claims, we may not need any php accelerator/optimizer/cache in the first place :slight_smile:
it would be nice though for cpu load as well as faster page response.


Thanks for your help. I couldn’t register there as they reached their daily quote, so I will try next week.
For now I have a lot of work to finish :sweat: and I’ll not be able to touch this for a while. I hope it simply get back online again without problems.


Hello is this stil working if i use this link i m geting a webhost page.


Unfortunately it is not working.
I can’t send a ticket to them cause now only paid members are allowed… I can’t register on their forum cause I need to use the same e-mail from the site account, but they say there is no member with my e-mail (even though I can log in their other services).
So I effectively got locked out again.
I’m going to try a third and last free host later, if there are problems again I’m guessing I will get a paid host.


ok i see …well i hope you will get it working on a free host ofc. thnx for the fast reply


I might be able to help out here. How much bandwidth and storage did this (roughly) use?


I’m not sure how accurate their measures are, but bandwidth barely changed.
Storage is around 100kb per build, last version had 140 builds using a total of 14mb. Although from what I’m seeing, new builds are using even less space, most don’t reach 50kb.


Alright, I can offer you hosting for this on my box if you want. :wink: If you want me to register a domain name then feel free to send me a PM with the details. If you need any help developing it then I might be able to help as well, especially on the front-end side of things. Let me know what you think!