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I’m just waiting for my account to be activated on this new host (heliohost). Is your machine able to run php and mysql? If you don’t mind, I’m going to try this first, can I return later to you if this host also fails?


Yeah, I even have DirectAdmin on there in case anything needs to be added. If you run into any problems with Helio then feel free to hit me up. :wink:


I guess it works now.
New link (, it is at the first topic too), but old link also works. Give preference to the new link, the old one will deactivated if not needed in the future.

(Maybe there is some errors, so if you find something bad, just warn me here)


Yay ! Finally it works now! Btw, i cant register on the site, recaptcha says : Invalid domain for site key

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That was an oversight of my part, I forgot to update the address used in the captcha, so it was still polling the old one, and would always fails because of that. It is fixed now.


congratz on reviving it.
Let’s cross fingers with this site.
and not make the thread become a “what is a good site for free hosting” instead :wink:


thnx for the hard work keep it up :slight_smile:


Neither of the links work?


Kinda, It is up again. The host was going through maintenance, so it got offline for a few minutes. Besides 10 minutes from yesterday and a few from today, the site was 100% online. (Which is a big improvement compared to the last hosts I used)


comments section is broken btw figured you should know :slight_smile:

getting this error: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home1/brunosup/public_html/builds/comentar.php on line 5


Oh, thank you for the warn! I new I should had re-tested it…
I will look into it!

Fixed. It was a version incompatibility… On my machine it worked, but not on the server.


I could be blind, but is there a way to remove a build? I accidentally uploaded something with problem.


@BrunoSupremo is working on that. You’ll be able to remove your building.


if you are doing updates i would kinda like to rename some of my uploads.


@sphr and @Psyduck
Just tell me which builds you need to change and for this time I need to do it manually.
The ability to edit or remove builds will be added later.


The one I uploaded wrongly is at

no hurry though. was just asking whether there is some existing way that I did not noticed.


When I get some time I will work on the edit/remove system. Shouldn’t be hard.


Site update:

Build owners can now change their builds names. (@Psyduck, you wanted to rename some, right? )
Build owners can now delete any of their own builds.

And to take advantage that I’m already here writing, let me ask some feedback on what you guys think about the “popular” sorting.
I personally think it leads to a snowball effect, where the first results gets more visibility, thus more popular > more visible > more popular…
One easy solution is to add some “decay effect”, mainly using the age of the build as a parameter, so new builds get some vantage over old builds. Maybe something like (stars+comments+downloads)-age_in_days and then sort them based on this result.


regarding popularity, I can see myself in two different use cases.

On one hand, I would want to see “the most popular in all history”. This is particularly for new comers. In this sorting, the decay effect may be unwanted.

On the other hand, I may want to see “what is popular recently”. This is where the decay effect will be good as it filters out those that are not “active” for a long time.

Sorry, not much of help to your decision :wink:


Actually, you just gave me the idea of splitting it in two, one for all time and one for recent :slight_smile: