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It will make at least one user happy :slight_smile:


A build size option might be worth considering. could set some numbers just by file size.
gives better sorting if needed as well.


I tot build size would be actual dimensions in tiles… (e.g. rougly 100 x 100 )

personally, I don’t find file size that useful for sorting (not much semantic sense), but would just read the attribute if available to get a feel of the size.


its just a sorting option >.< and 100x100 means nothing in a 3d dimensional plane if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

And i can see a few other annoyances …since the website cant really count the size of a lot, so more work for me >.<

and what about a L shaped building? how am i gonna count that?

its not a major issue i guess …counting up is a pain tho…>.< just forget the size option! really :stuck_out_tongue:


Even for an L-shaped building, the bounding box is incredibly useful to know for city planning, I think.


to be honest it does not really matter to me. i rather like building my own city…i would just hope it stays easy for me to upload and that’s my only real concern.

But i guess personally then. I build way to much upwards for 100x100 would not be enough for me, to really use for planning.


It is possible to get the build size from its file. But, it is extremely hard, it is not in a plain value, it would require a lot of math and the need to read all the blocks positions, then calculate it… Sorry, not going to happen :sweat_smile:

So, I tested a few formulas to rank the popularity of the builds. The best one is to simple get the downloads (plus stars and comments, optionally) and divide by its age. This gives us the average amount of daily downloads it had.

Example of the difference of the old rank to the new one:
A build with 10 downloads in 10 days has an average of 1 download per day. And a build with 11 downloads (which would rank higher before) in 22 days will have an average of 0.5 downloads per day, ranking way below the other.

This system avoids old builds amassing a huge amount of downloads and being forever in the top, and give new builds that gets many downloads in the first days a very high rank. And it is self balancing, maybe a build is ranking too high because it got many downloads in the first day, but later as it gets old it will fall back a lot if it didn’t keep the same download rate as before.

That said, the old rank will probably be renamed to “most downloads” and will list them in that order.

What you guys think?


i was thinking something way more simple like 0,10 mb very small 0,25 mb = small 0.50 mb= medium


perhaps use “alltime” vs “recent”. formal uses total count, latter uses time decay effect.

e.g. popular(all time) vs popular(recent), most downloads(all time), most downloads (recent) etc.


I dunno. “Most downloads” implies to me that the builds that show up have the most downloads, period, vs “Popular downloads” where it’s the most downloads recently.


I just uploaded the changes.
Right now the orders are newest, downloads and popular. I’m ok with changing the names if necessary.

There is some interesting changes in position from one order to the other :wink:


any chance i can have a delete profile option ?


I can manually do it if you want.


please do thank you .


What a great idea!

Being someone who loves to design my own buildings (I’ve never used the pre-fabs), I’m more than happy to share my creations! I’ll get an account later today! :slight_smile:


I’m going to take the opportunity that the post is already up again to ask you guys a few things now.

I implemented an achievement system, pretty basic. You visit your profile and there will be (for now just this 3) things like one achievement for uploading 3 builds, one for giving a star and one for commenting somewhere.

It is working and if you have any you will be able to see it in your page.

I’m just lacking the graphics for it. Should I use some custom image, or maybe grab some from the game? Or should I not use any image, just list them all, maybe with just a small icon for it?

If you don’t have an account there, you can check in my profile how it looks BrunoSupremo mouse over the achievement area, there is the place where I will add the images, similar to how the thumbnails for builds works.

And also, if you have suggestion of other achievements, please add them here :slight_smile: I’m not vry creative :smile: . For now I have planned to have maybe 3 tiers for these achievements. (upload 3 build, upload 6, upload 9, give a star, give 5 stars, give 10, etc…)


Why are some users Emails being used as their name? For instance, I distinctly remember this guy having a username, and not his email.


It is the placeholder for those that hasn’t yet filled their username field.


Ok, that’s what I figured it would be, I just could have sworn I’d seen a username for some of them before.


@BrunoSupremo i know youre busy, but can you add need materials again like your old site ?