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Never thought it was useful :sweat_smile:, that’s why I removed it. (Sorry :blush: )
Why not. Sure, I just need to think on how to show this new info in the ui, maybe just below the build image?
Although this will take some time, I have some other work to do first.

Another thing would be to add the items too (beds, chairs, etc…). If I find an easy (and lightweight) way to do it, maybe.


You can Show materials and furnitures on the download page with like +Show Materials— expandable menu :slight_smile:


I just added the resources (wood,stone,clay) needed. Next are the materials. (furniture,etc…)
Technically all builds already know which items and how many of them they need. I just need a way to show it to the user. Almost certain I will follow the Kiyoshi suggestion.

But then I will need images for each item… And the resources images already clashed a little with the site design. The overall site style is very plain, simple and flat, but the icons are colorful, bold, full of happiness :smile:


Just wanted to point out, there are now 3 buildings that have breached 500 downloads! My Blacksmith’s house appears to have the most by a small amount. No idea why everybody loves it though, I uploaded it for fun! There are some really great builds on there guys, keep it up!


Wow, congratulations! I know that I’m one of those 500 :stuck_out_tongue: I’m using it on my island village.


can I make the suggestion of a pixel art filter/ category even though I know right now there isn’t many but it would be really helpful for sifting through the decorations


Users can create their own tags, so anyone can create one named pixel art and use it :slight_smile:

Later on other users can use it too, and while searching we can filter by that tag.


I just though of a suggestion. Maybe a way to filter builders by most builds/alphabetical/time joined?


Yes. That section needs more meaning, right now is just a list with no meaning.

Good suggestion, maybe even rank by their total downloads.


I just threw up my second set of basic ascendancy buildings, I finally figured out how to make roofs look better and manipulate walls more.


Got around to checking out the new site, it looks great. Thank you @BrunoSupremo for all your effort.


I really enjoy your builds, but im not sure where im supposed to put them, i looked at the guide on the website, but its not showing up in game (I created the folder building_templates not the game) any advise here would be welcome

@BrunoSupremo Maybe add a suggestions tab on the website, so builders can get inspiration/fulfill a request, this will open up more creative power, because if people don’t know how to build something, but have an idea, they could throw it out to the community


Hey there @Rdrago1, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

I just looked at the instructions on the website, they do appear correct. Just to verify, you made a folder named building_templates inside a stonehearth folder which is inside saved_objects which is in the install directory, so it looks something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates

Also, can you verify that you extracted the zip file, so you have a template_name_here.json file in the new folder?

If all that is correct, can you upload your stonehearth.log for review? It will be located in the root directory of your game install.


Ah, i extracted the files, but into their own folders, so i think that is the problem, ill edit this post if it is

Edit: removing them from their folders fixed the problem, thank you

@BrunoSupremo also maybe add a little note on the website to keep this from happening to others that make the same mistake


Not a bad idea. This isn’t an official website run by the developers, so you’ll need to suggest this to @BrunoSupremo.


I see, the problem here is to get the correct message. English is not my first language, so feel free to suggest a better way to explain that. I guess the confusion is with the stonehearth folder inside, which is confused with the root folder?


I’d add “Make sure the unzipped files are directly in the building_templates folder”


I would add to the end of that “not in nested folders”


Hey, I’m trying to load the page and I’m getting:

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From the host forums, the server has crashed, they are working on it.