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Any update when the page comes online?

Michael's Templates

Is this page officially dead?


From their forums Stevie Progress - News - HelioNet

I guess it will take a while (up to next month) for them to fix the servers… :frowning:


Thanks for the update!


Hello, I have a VPS, I can host the website if needed! (I recently bought the game and I would love to have a cool looking village too :slight_smile:)


The link doesn’t work any more


I also have a VPS and extensive Web Development experience. Let me know if you guys need any help maintaining the current server or moving it to a new architecture!

My friends and I would really love to have a place to post our building designs and with this server down it seems like we are out of options.


I really hope this site comes back soon.


Looks like the site is back up, I can view it again, and a building was uploaded 4 days ago.

Let the sharing commence!!!


Yes, it is online for a few day already. :jubilant:
(You can see that I even uploaded one build at the end of january)

I didn’t tell anyone cause I was making sure everything was correct, and I was planning on updating it before calling everyone.

But don’t worry, it is already ok to use, even old accounts still works and all that.


Oh, sorry if I jumped the gun on that. I just wanted to share the good news!


Just wanted to pop on and say that the site has some pretty awesome designs on it! I’m gonna have to get on later on my computer to grab sone of them, maybe upload a blueprint or two of my own design.

Also, I did kinda want to bump this back up to the top so maybe more people can become aware of it again. Even if I don’t end up using a single one, I still like seeing what other people have made! It gives me ideas for my own buildings!


Taking the opportunity that the post was bumped, I want to ask you guys: What you hate the most on this site? What needs my attention? Is something obvious lacking?


Just uploaded a building. I noticed that we only get to show or see the buildings from one angle? Might not be easy when it is the gamefile png thats being used, but it would be great to see more angles :slight_smile:


It would be nice to be able to filter buildings by whether they use mods or not. I checked out a few entries and saw they required a mod, and it kinda bummed me out since I have yet to mod my game and don’t really want to start yet (soon though!).


When i try to update my profilepicture @BrunoSupremo with a link to googledrive it dont seem to work? Do i really need to use yet another service on the web for this or am i doomed to be a poyo for all eternety on the site? :smile:


It needs an url that points directly to an image, like a link ending with .jpg or .png. I noticed a lot of links to things like google searchs, online storages, etc… Which were giving errors on the site (including bad performance) so I manually reset a bunch of those.
For now, you can probably host your image in sites like imgurl or some other place where you have access to the image url.

I’m going to better sign that field so people has not such a hard time trying to add their images.
For now, I added a small preview at the edit page, so you can see if the picture at least is working before saving. It updates as soon as an url is pasted in there.


tryin to create an account on that website but it comes up with an error message when trying >.>


Thank you for warning me about it, I didn’t noticed it myself. I will fix it later today when I get free time!
From a quick test, you can go back and login using your chosen e-mail and password. The account is being created even with that error.
Fixed. Thank you for letting me know.


I just went through my designs on the site and i saw that i had some comments on different designs. It would be nice to have some form of notificationsystem on the site, maybe linked to ones email account? :merry: