StoneHearth Builds - a fan site for sharing building templates!



Done! Thanks for bringing this up again. This was planned a long time ago, but I totally forgot about it…

This is how it should look:

(The comments in this image are fake from my private test version)

If you have comments in any of your builds, the little bell will appear. Clicking on it will go to a notification page like in the image. When you visit any of your builds with comments, those will be marked as read and auto removed from the notifications.


Ei cara eu sou novato no jogo (baixei pirata) poderia me dizer que botão se utiliza para girar as construçoes e como baixar construçoes personalizadas? pfv mano ‘-’


É o mesmo botão pra girar qualquer outro objeto, botão de virgula e botão de ponto.
As construções basta entrar no site, baixar, e colocar na pasta saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates

Considere comprar o jogo.


Nice repository for builds. Definitely needs more recognition (Maybe a sticky post :smile: ). I’ll upload a few of my buildings, but mine seem pretty simplistic compared to some of the awesome buildings on the site


So I have to say I love this site. But at the same time, it needs some organization. At a minimum, Vanilla vs Modded should have two separate areas at a minimum. But if you wanted to take it further and add categories to what type of buildings are being added, that’d be cool too.

Just…really recommend separating modded from vanilla.


I agree, for now there is just a warning at the top of each modded building, but that is based on the items the build have, so it end up having some false vanilla builds, like when there is modded block colors.


Is the site down? I get to a page that says the account is suspended for using to much cpu or something… :merry:


Looks like it’s time to upgrade the site.


Ops, sorry. It was my fault. That messages was actually misleading, it was not exceeding the cpu usage. I’m going into their forums and show that to them so they can give a more accurate message next time, which should not happen if I take more care.

Anyway, it is on again.


Cool site! I uploaded some of my buildings.


I am beginning to share my own buildings. But one question : it is possible to create in description special text area for screenshot URL (optional) ?


Not yet. The main idea is to have an section next to the main screenshot where you can add extra images, but this will take some time… But feel free to add the url in the description, though it will be plain text and not a working link.


I just found this site a couple of days ago. Great idea!

I have contributed by adding a modular castle wall series for those who want to be able to plop down walls without having to do the build manually. I think they turned out rather nice.

You should be able to find them at the link below if you’re interested


Fancy! How well can Hearthlings actually build them?


@coasterspaul They seem to build fairly well. I would recommend building only a few at a time though as you could potentially run into issues where the hearthlings have a long distance to run around the wall to build the other side.
As with most buildings, there’s the potential a hearthling can get stuck on top during the build phase and you may need to manually build a ladder for them to get down.

I’m putting together a second version of these without the ‘left’ and ‘right’ sides for the corners and stairs. This is to keep the length of each block consistent however it changes the look slightly.

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Are these compatible with the new builder?


I’m not sure, I’m not testing the new builder (I would not be able to offer good feedback so I’m just waiting for its full release)

Though I must say that this site will come to an end soon. It is planned to have shareable builds in the workshop so there would be no need for such a site. I will keep it online for a while just for the nostalgia


Yeah, that’s kinda cool for those of us with access to it, but there are still some others who don’t play SH on Steam.


Uhm, true.

I will them update it a little more, I’m not happy with its current state.


I love this and am excited to get some new buildings.


As a new member to your site, it took me way too long to realize that “Search” was not actually a Search field, but actually the place to click to take you to all the actual buildings. That’s incredibly non-intuitive.

Can I request/suggest you change “Search” to one of any number of other options that makes it more clear that the link takes you to the actual page where the buildings are? One of the best books on Website Design is called “Don’t Make Me Think” and this is a prime example of how not to obfuscate your data and functionality from your user.

Maybe…Catalog? Buildings?