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Noted, thanks. I will change it when I start working on it again.


Hi, Bruno! I noticed plagiarism, this must be combated.
Original building by @Fornjotr : e82fac9b-8b83-40ee-b413-03c551359bc3 by Spofeo
Not Original template by uekutkueser : e82fac9b-8b83-40ee-b413-03c551359bc3 by uekutkueser
The name of template the same, somebody only reupload building at site.


hahaha that is so silly… sometimes humans are so strange :rofl: But good catch Eregion :heartpulse:


Eegion … :broken_heart:


Eeeeee! I must have lost that letter R while rolling around on the floor laughing :wink: There i fixed my mistake now. Thank you :sunny:


Uhm. I really need to redo this site… But I’m stuck with other things that need to be done first.

Auto-detect copies should be possible, for now I will manually remove that one.
Auto-detect old builder and show a warning.
The new json files are really different from the old one and so I need to redo a lot of thing.
The ui must change, at the time I was experimenting some new things but it is really outdated now.
Support for multiple images.
Links to Steam Workshop version.


there is always more to do than time to do it in? :sweat_smile:


If I rename the .json file and the .png to the same thing, will it break my game?


The site does not currently work with the new builder. It has a different file system.
But when it gets to work again (I had to stop to give attention to the mods) you are not supposed to rename anything. They should already be ready to use.


puedes explicarme bien como cargar las construcciones al juego por favor? desde ya, muchas gracias