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There is a mod for a test build mode. Last time I tried it, it worked okay, but not perfect.

Is this for the latest release? I got the game from Steam, and what do you think about the other ideas?

I like the map idea, that offers a possibility for expanding world in the future as you reach the borders.
I don’t like the islands, that basically nullifies my mod lol, it would also makes rivers bad.

I thought your story was pretty cool. The idea of you/the player being a spirit, say to guide and direct the hearthlings, is an interesting and creative concept.

Stonehearth, you made a video about exploration, it was the second part, and it would really fit the game, you could also use this for the map on the table! If you did this, you could make it so when someone chooses where they want to settle, they see a huge area, not the full map, and in minor detail, than they choose, and they can explorer the blackened area, and it becomes 3D, also add a little brown circle around the middle, light one, and make it so that everything in the brown areas, inside the black, and the outer rim of your town, you cannot see any items, enemies, or loot, like the black, but unlike the darkness, you can see the land, and totems. Make watchtowers a thing, but to hold archers that fire arrows. Videos that conclude to some of this: Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday: Exploration Prototype Part 2 , and Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday: Edge of the World .

Another thing is you can make a story, where you’re exploring a new world, with different landscaping than earth, and weird magical beings, and items. You can be a nice, lonesome spirit that was found, and resurrected from a rune. and you’ll get tips from other explorers that have been lost there, and have managed to survive. Make a ruler of that earth that will try to attack you once you’ve defeated every tribe, and gang there.

You can also add runes, maybe a healing rune to make a cleric, or maybe use runes to upgrade Armour, weapons, and hearthlings, make special runes that give some hearthlings powers like speed, strength, healing, health, and more!

Make it so that hearthlings can place 2 blocks above their head, easy fix : P

Another thing that you can add is biomes, each biome will have it pros, and cons. Like maybe a dark/nightmare biome, where it it never shown on the map, unless you have torches/light because it is very dark, and the grass will be a dark green, or a crimson red, and make there be 2 types of trees, leafless dark oak, and crimson. Also make it so that enemies spawn there more often, and that the enemies are stronger, and have buffs, It’d make a new biome, and a little thing for the near end game! Also you can have it so that lava spawns, not water, so you can see small parts of it. You can add ruins too, to make it look like people used to be there, but you’d have to take out my other idea of the world being never explorered. Another couple biomes are Jungle, dessert, mesa, plains, mountains, and more. Add villages, there is only 1 per map, and they give you 3-5 Hearthlings for a price, and there will be one who sells things to you, and the items change every couple days. Make different worlds so that you might have a realm that is on a floating island, and have a single portal which changes to a new realm every 3 days, and if your Hearthlings are in one it’ll cripple into nothing with them, and you lose, but you will be warned 5 in-game hours earlier than it’s crippling.

Guys, I found this video and this is basically my opinion exactly… I’m too lazy to make a video just about Stonehearth ok?

Vid/Opinion: Stonehearth Review - Worth it?