[MOD-A22.5] Color Blocks! (and you can help)

color_blocks.smod (634.6 KB)

Inspired by the terrain colors mod I wanted to add some myself. Initially I wanted to add just regular building blocks, but after experimenting I thought; would glass be possible? And even glowing blocks.
It resulted in this vibrant collection:


So currently this mod adds 52 building blocks: 32 regular, 10 transparent and 10 glowing. Or: plaster, glass and luminescent respectively.


I figured that blocks of finished buildings are being rendered the same way; solid. At least, that’s how far I went through the code. So, in order for these special blocks to work I had to add them as decoration.
That means though, that they have to be crafted, which wasn’t my idea at all. And so I had a lot more work to do.

I didn’t want to add an entire profession for this (yet), so I thought it would make sense for the blacksmith to forge glass?
But when I later added the glowy blocks I didn’t know what to do with them… For now, the herbalist can ‘enchant’ blocks to glow magically.

Some examples

Colored house using plaster:

Some sort of crystal tower thing? Using glass:

The great skeleton statue! Using glowy blocks:

So now you are thinking; how can I help? Well this mod became slightly bigger than I imagined. And I think it allows for even more because of that. For example; regular (plaster) blocks require basic wood right now… but we could give it it’s own resource. Same goes for the glass and glowy blocks, which don’t require any ingredients at all. And as I said, there could be a seperate profession aswell.
I just wanted to share this with all of you first, to see what you think, get some idea’s and create a fun mod together.

Possible features:

  • Real resources. Like stone/sand for plaster. Sand/limestone for glass. And some magical source for glowy blocks?

  • A new profession to craft glass and/or glowy blocks.

  • Floor, wall and roof patterns.

  • Another set of blocks which emit actual light, like lanterns or fire do.

Known bugs, issues:

  • Iconic versions lose their visual properties when placed on a stockpile. Haven’t been able to fix this yet, I hope it’s possible!

  • Glass and glowy blocks can only be stacked by first placing them anywhere and then use ‘move item’ to place them on top of another. This is not much of a bug as it is just how the game (currently) handles placement of decoration and furniture.

  • Larger structures including many decoration blocks could fail and won’t show all of them, try working in steps by saving as template and then edit.

  • Although intended to be building blocks, glass and glowy ones are decoration to the game and heartlings won’t always reach. Insta-build solves this.

  • Glowy blocks don’t show an outline on mouse-over.


Beautiful colors. We can make beautiful houses with these colors. I think I will try this later on along with the walls and floor mod soon.


Love it! :heart:

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