Mod Suggestion Earthy / Rustic Block Decorations / Extensions / Decals

The idea is I have a lot of extra space on parts of my buildings that I would like to use to add small details that give the buildings more character.

Vines going up walls, or hanging off of roofs, or around windows, doors, and window plants.
3D cobblestone or brick layer that extends a section of the wall that has different variations and may be cracked or cut slighting too long and gets rid of the smooth edge of a building and comes in different shapes and sizes.
Small pebbles, rocks, and tree spumps that connect to the bottom block of a wall, or the top block of a floor and look like debris.
Scattered hay or dust or dirt or moss “decal” that goes on an area that has no collision with hearthlings.
3D splintered wood block in the middle and at the ends of wood blocks.
3D tree branch or knot extending off of a wall or weaving in and out of a window with different variations and lengths and different types of tree leaves and bark color combinations.
Chimney blocks with smoke animation for the roof, or the side of a single or multiple story building that comes with different colors and also allows you to place these other bits of this mod onto it.

There is a lot of possibilities for aesthetics beyond just utility…

If you made this a mod, I would use it. If its already been done, please let me know. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Really like the idea of this XD more decorative objects would be good. Definatly want to see where this goes