A cool building update!

I think that the buildings realism can be improved a lot with the idea i had.

The idea consist in upgrade the building editor with a little blocks option (like voxels) , the thing is to apply a option that make the blocks in voxels or divide the default block into a 9x9x9 little cubes, and with this littles cubes you can make tiny decorations like skirting boards, cornices, detailed colums or temples, statues, an a lot more things.

With this little cubes mode you can chisel the building to make reliefs or simbols and other option to paint with the size of the little voxels so you could do mosaics, paintings (like in the ancient roman empire or the greeks temple) or only change the room color without painting the outer wall or next room.

Other update is to increase the available colors or (is more compliated) put a color search like in photoshop (with decimals numbers or rgb ) and the color you like you save it for future constructions.

I know is a lot of work and i wish help you if you like the idea to make it true but i haven’t programming knowledge to help.

Let me know what you think of this update ?

This sound really cool, it’s common for me to be looking for a way to add more detail to the buildings but thats when you end up using decorations.