Building editor ideas

The Idea

What if we had sort of like a specialized script or program inside the game as the building editor.

The Main Problem

Right now the way it works is that you part and piece things together in the world, in real time paused or not which is great but it’s not very intuitive and sometimes it’s downright impossible to use effectively especially on larger designs.


  1. Design an editor that pauses the game, the design would be voxelized first, and designed almost as normal, block by block or sections of blocks at a time. You could specify what sections of the design are what using the tools available such as marking a section of blocks as ‘wall’ and another section as ‘floor’ ‘road’ or ‘roof’ for instance.

  2. Once the building’s shape, size and parameters have set by the blueprint, the game will take the ‘model’ and make it ready for placing windows, doors and other objects you would be able to using a placement tool as we currently have.

  3. Editing blueprints would be very simple. Because the original design created a version that was first individual voxels, it would allow editing of walls and the like by simply removing those voxels with an erase tool and re-running the process of defining collision by existing voxels by what each voxel is marked as.

Final Note

I know it’s not a perfect Idea, but I appreciate your time in reading and considering my thoughts on the matter.

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if you mean editing building i agree, it would be a good thing but how would the hearthlings deconstrunk something if they need to?

The game already has all the design needed to do this. the difference here is that certain blocks would be marked as what they are, to remove blocks it would be done in the same way a mine action would be performed but for buildings and with scaffolding.

Edit: This could also be accomplished by the pieces no longer associated with the design imploding as if they were a deleted building.