Sun and moon builds. WIP

So been playing around. been wanting to build something of a sun and moon temple etc Here is a couple small town centers I want to do,. though not fully happy with it. at first I wanted it to be really close to the sun and moon in the game.

dont mind the size difference still playing around. going to make them 3d eventially as well.

my problem at the moment is that the black is soo well dark lol


Wow, those are really cool… and kind of cute :jubilant:
Regarding your color issue: maybe you can use red for the sun’s outlines and blue for the moon to soften up the effect a bit?

yah I was thinking something on that lines too. I would love to keep it original sun and moon stonehearth style. but they are just dark with the black outlining.

I cant want to make it 3d style.

How did you get all those colors (which mod)?

it is a small mod I made myself. all based on colors used in the game. eventually I want to do better ones. this was just playing around.


You should release it when it is done :slight_smile:


I want to . but if I was to do all the colors that i want to. I am unsure if it will display them all. etc. what you see there is 3 small ones.

  1. Oak Tree Colors
  2. Cactus Colors
  3. Sun and moon colors

and well. 4 being the terrain slab mod

Just Call it, more color mod :smile:
By the way, you could talk to @Relyss since she made this mod

which would work really well together with yours.
Since you have a lot of very nice colors but you are missing some of the standard colors while Relyss’s mod misses your fancy colors :smiley:

Oh and, moon and sun look very good :slight_smile:

honestly, this is only 1/10th of what I have in store for the mod.

and I have talked to her about it awhile ago :jubilant:

I want to do all tree colors ( and tree block colors)
all vegetation colors
all christmas colors
all animal colors
all ore colors
basic black and white.
All enemy colors (since some do differ)

A mod for each color pattern, my suggestion :joy:

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LOL that is why you only see a few at the moment. like the oak tree one is complete. it has all the colors from each stage of the oak tree. even unreleased ones ( not that I have seen an ancient oak tree yet)

and this is why I dont want to do it in just in one, I may kill the building system (maybe? xD)

but I decided that I wanted to do separate ones
so it would break down as

each tree in a different mod
ore colors

etc etc


Hey @Simica_Na,
about those outline colors again. What about using white instead of black. It will brighten the whole thing. Might be worth a try.

Yah I will try it out! Iwas also thinking a soft orange would be nice

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so I think I killed my game LOL

I will edit this with video with all luck of what I was hoping to be epic. kinda is. but kills my game. xD

here is a link with all luck!AmMR0ZJWQ8V-g3UOUFyBkOBpIIN0

Ok this one has wayyyy less lamps but still the same effects as well as i changed the moon slightly. next version I may try inverted bumps vs current!AmMR0ZJWQ8V-g3ZpHe5kfhQvc8Ro

Here is teh lighting less + inverted moon spots

more pics for inverted moon spots. with max lighting. which to me looks AMAZING!