The town of Sheepdog

So i finally got to a point where i can say that my town Sheepdog is done. Of course one can always keep building, but i have other projects in mind now.
I want to share it with you guys and hopefully you can get inspired, just like i get when i see all the awesome towns you build.
The town is build using the mod: [Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]

First, here are the link to the savegame:

Then i want to throw up a couple of closeups from around the town:

The entrance to the town going through the garrison.

The potter, the mason, the mine and a shared storage building is located just inside the town entrance.

The clinic that holds alot of beds and a small storageroom. In the background is a small two person home.

The blacksmith.

The carpentershop.

The Sheepdog inn and the weavers shop.

The different pastures and cropfields. In the leftside the shepherds house is located.

The engineers home and workshop with the “treefarm” on the small peninsula.

And lastly the trappers house and another small home behind the townsign.

All the templates are available with the tag tails at :

The idea for this town came to me when the suggestion about sheepdogs where presented on the discourse and i really hope we get those at some point!
Thank you for a great game and i look forward to spending more time, creating many more towns for the hearthlings in the future! :jubilant:


Wow !!! Very beautiful town!

I see you’ve put a lot of time and love for your hearthlings home.

nice screenshots too!


I love how you went viking with the overall design of the buildings, and then went “HOLLYWOOOOOOOOD B!TCHEEEES” by placing that townsign.
But yea, this town’s designs are a great example of why we need a bigger colorpalette with groundcolors included, or a geomancer.


Ahahahaha thanks @ZwoeleBeer :smile:

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Nice path design! :slight_smile:


How did you get the grass on the roofs? Build this in a voxel program or …?

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It is a mod for grass blocks


He kinda already mentions it in his post… Good thing Bruno is here to the rescue for the not-so-scanning reader.

Yes as the two other said its a mod :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you and yes it has taken a while to create it. :slight_smile:

Oh ops, didnt see that link mb :slight_smile:

Well i guess i could not let Sheepdog end here… I finally got my ferns into the game and with the help of the debugtool i placed some more plants.
The new edition to the town is a farming area outside the town. It has a farmhouse with room for 5 farmers, then there is a huge barn for all that wheat! under the roof in the barn there is a small bedroom. Then of course there is all the fields and next to them there is a greenhouse for flower and watermelon production.
The shepherds have also moved outside of town so the sheeps can run more freely…if only we had a sheepdog to help the shepherds :jubilant:

Im not sure that this is the end, but ill se if the ideas keep comming for the town of Sheepdog.


So i started a new smaller town called “Catch the carrot” with a bigger focus on the military campaign. So only a few buildings. But i wanted some more nature, more trees and stuff. Besides my ferns i have made a birchtree with the ingame builder. It can not be harvested and is only for decoration for now.


I adore that green house! Love that everything looks like it belongs together in the town. So well done!


Love the design! Keep up the good work:)


Nice, looks quite like the Shire from Lord of the Rings.

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Thank you for the compliments :jubilant:

Today i have been working on a new set of designrules, so i want to use that to create a whole new set of buildings. It has a bigger focus on the mountains, where my current builds dont quite fit in because of the grass.
This is the first building in the new series: A cabin with room for 4 hearthlings. The foundation is raised and the wall have two layers. The inner layer is made with the walltool, so you can get a view inside and the outer layer is made with slabs. I was going for a wood kinda look on the outer layer with the white wall inside to counter the colors. I hope you like it. It can be found under the tag Tails, on
Have a great weekend :merry: