Special halloween gift :)

Hi there community. Halloween is just around the corner and I too wanted to do something special. I’m not a great modder or story teller so i needed to come up with something else.

In the past I’ve made some weird structures (giant toilet) (extreme oversized houses) just to name a few. I also made a big area which I had to abandon due to large amount of bugs. But Stonehearth has grown and we are a few alpha’s further then when i constructed that project. There have also been some great biome modding which I’m gladly using now.

I’m wondering how many of the regular forum visitors will recognise this rebuild I’m doing to commemorate Halloween. This will be a downloadable world when its done and stable enough to be played. I will be using the Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome and the [Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+] mods so it would be wise to get those when this rebuild is done


so I did not get as far as i wanted to get with the rebuild. I did manage to build the biggest centre part. Added some handy tricks to have farming with out visual farming fields :slight_smile:

You can play it as it is, or you can wait a couple days for a more complete version. The choice is yours.
1477921419518.zip (5.8 MB)

due to some weird issue with instabuild on the biome mod and appearently some kind of construction limit when villagers build it them selfs i had to switch back to the normal temperate biome. I did manage to have a completely flat world with only trees on it. The save already has the carpenter at a good level and 3 farmers working hard. No other workers yet and no huge supply or any mining. Have fun playing around :slight_smile:

Is it from One Piece?

not sure, its part of forbidden city in china :slight_smile: