New type of material: Soil/Mud

Regarding to this mod:

I think that we need a new material:


The first layer of gras ground will give Soil.
Soil can be placed like slab with a color range from green to brown.
Soil can be placed on rocks to enable farming on rocks since Soil is the only material on which you can plant stuff. And your animals like soil as ground more than rock.

Since I do not know which professions and classes we will get, I will now throw a few options for further possibilitys:
Soil can be used for alchemy as ingredient.
Soil can be used by the smith/elemental smith.
Geomancer needs soil for some spells
Soil = Sand … you need it to get glass

I did not find any related topic … but I don’t think that I am the first one with this suggestion.
Do not be mean to me :frowning:


We may have somedays some shores and open seas so sand would came from here obviously :wink:

Soil would be neat to get cultures in unfriendly environment but then there must be some kind of malus on growth to do a distinction between fertile plains and modified environment…

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even so, I agree that adding soil would be a good idea eventually. from what I’ve seen of other town-builders, placing dirt is not an option. this is frustrating, to say the least. giving hearthlings the option to place dirt would be a boon to town-builders. for example, we could create a burial mound, with some flowers and trees on top and graves inside, or simply have the graves on the hill. or, like he said, to allow farming in the mountains, which lack any dirt. you still need to gather dirt in the first place, but you could find that on the map and then carry it back to town where it’s more efficient to farm, or (if there isn’t any on the surface) to find some underground and carry it back up to provide farmland.

this would also give room to crafting fertilized soil, which is better for farming, or maybe even really good but only for a certain item. people buy soil in stores for rose-bushes and such all the time, I see no reason to now allow hearthlings to create better dirt.

of course, that would be in the future. way in the future lol

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I agree, those ideas are not the newest ideas for this kind of games. But we have a long way to go, so we will get some kind of new materials like them, i think. :wink:

Ah, and trees could not grow freely:

  • 1 layer of soil = max small tree
  • 2 layers = max medium tree
  • 3 layers = max large tree
  • 4 layers = max ancient tree