Can you replant grass?

I made a mistake with my roads and while I was removing them I noticed that they left a trail of dirt and not grass like it was before. Is there a way to replant the grass that was dug up for the roads?

no you can’t but it’s been said in streams that it will be added to the game at some point, probably when the Geomancer class is added.

awesome thanks for the help! I’ll have to deal with that one area of my town looking like crap. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

No problem. Yeah I tend to get this when I’ve decided to remove a building, they take the foundations up leaving a hole one block deep.

I actually found a fix, you put foundation on the dirt and then put a road or whatever you want on top of it and it’ll look just fine. I’m not sure if you can stack foundations but it’s worth a shot.

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The last time I tried stacking foundations, it worked.

Try using this mod:

It adds in the terrain colors as slabs, as a replacement for actual grass…

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