Regrowing Grass after Building demolition

I don’t know is something like that already planned for the game but i think it would be a great idea to make the grass (green blocks) regrow after a period of time. So when you demolish a building you don’t have the problems with bare surfaces. Like in Minecraft

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Like the idea, was wondering about that also long ago.


  1. Terrain Slabs
  2. cut all the grass dirt on your base, leave some for aesthetics.
  3. when building, create first a layer of slab before making a floor, the floor slab will stick to the normal slab when designing over it.
  4. ???

Thanks for the link :smiley: for now i’m using right this Mod for the grass. But i think normally the grass has to grow like in other games (minecraft for example). Especially when trolls built their camps…