Tree of Life- Take 2!

ok SO! my last tree of life was going decently but since @8BitCrab offered to create a mod for me ( and public if they wanted it) I felt that my own tree of life didnt quite fit the over all theme to match and compliment @8BitCrab’s work. I decided to start over.

orginal tree of life thread - Tree of Life - WIP Build -Updated

@8BitCrab Mod in Progress forestrune and stonerune - 8BitCrab's voxel stuff

Mods currently in use - [Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]

This is a house that I have created thus far.

These builds I am cheating on as to make things go a little faster and catching up since I spent many stonehearth days on manually building the old Tree of Life.

I am still planning on creating a large Tree of Life but felt like I needed a slight break and to try and get a feel for the new style of tree.

regular house:

Started my defensive wall:


That is a cool idea, I like it. What material are you using for the leaves? I don’t remember any green blocks…(edit I need to read better) how big is it? it seems to be huge!
please note you cant harvest any plants you put on buildings. might look better if you just build them with slabs in the same over sized manner as the trunk :stuck_out_tongue:

This building itself is 50x 50x 50 though it errored out so now I have to do it in smaller patches


@lios here you go, This is the mod.

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this is pretty neat. Really hoping you expand it to be a village rather than a large building :slight_smile:


@Pandemic I do plan on doing smaller housing units and I want to build a large tree in the center. Those last images the building is 24X24

And it is my herbalist shop/house. I would love to see a mod that is the same as the slab mod but with more colors to work with.

the under of my herblist housing

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since alpha 16 came out I had to restart due to errors n what not. so here is a new version…again xD

my crops/ animal sections

playing around with the concept of a large fireplace type deal


wow, that underground garden with the fences is an amazing idea! though i can imagine it takes a long time to place them all with the current fencing system…

@8BitCrab oh god yes. x.x it took forever lol i did finish it though!

so I finished a single home

my herbalist house/shop

my farms


Rabbit: eventually I am going to add in bushes once I find them lol also wanting my wizard to give me grass! ;_; ugly brown dirt.


a little decoration for around the town

littler shepard boy got tired when working.