Tree of Life - WIP Build -Updated

Current State:

so I am currently working on creating a town built in a large tree, the town itself is called ‘Tree of Life’ I want to create a city within it. having multiple large trees that can be used as homes, shops etc. not sure how this will all turn out. but I want to also have tree like stump homes.

Layer 2 completed with no issues!

inner dome of the hall being built now
scaffolding r us


what will you use as leaf color?

I am currently using the slab mod so with the colors of green I am hoping to achieve a leaf look


a little update:

after playing around a bit, I created a ‘first floor’ of the inside of the tree, I am still working on the outside of the pillars ( bark) to make it seem like it has a bit more depth, but that may have to come once the basic outline of the tree is done.


this looks really cool, i can’t wait to see it finished. just curios though, did you plan this out beforehand (with a voxel model or something) or are you just planning it out as you go along?

i was thinking about laying it all out using a program, but I figured ‘screw it! lets just have fun!’ and so I am just going with off the top of my head and how I see it in my head xD

but with the outer columns I created a 6 cube high column template so that when it comes to the next level I can easily use that column to create the outer walls ( bark) again without any delay of doing it layer by layer.

Roots and detail work will have to come after the tree base is done.

I am also using this program to help with my circles and ovals that I will have to use to create the branches in a smooth way.

update: they are starting to build layer one!


This will take a while to be build traditionally :smiley:

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lol yes, especially with not doing the Instanta build. though I did have to start over an unexpected pc restart ;_; I did instanta build the first layer, just so I didnt have to deal with all that again xD but I also knew there was no issues.

so now I am waiting for my hearth numbers to get higher again. to be able to do the next tier. which will include a high ceiling and large arched doors, kinda like a grand entrance.

this is the work being don on the second floor


the tree is on fire :slight_smile:


The fire is on tree.

  • The joke is on you.
  • The you is on joke?

looks nice its gona be a long project

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I notice the dome is somewhat low compared to what would be seen on most trees. Do you plan to extend it, or will it look more like a baobab tree?


@Dwalus. The dome is strictly on the inner part. Like a grand Hall type deal. I will stillvbe going higher I only did the inner part. I wanted to make sure that I didnt have issues with building so I havent done the outter part yet

i am home now and can show you

inside has a dome ceiling

update: this section has now been completed with some issues of hearths stopping working completely. so I had to prompt them to finish it by placing ladders in sections that were not complete. This did work and they managed to finish it!

the removal of all the scaffolding


The scaffolding is real.

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It took me a while to find these pictures x_x
They might serve as inspiration? Eons ago (like, first Alpha or so) someone modded a giant tree and replaced the banner with it xD
It was pretty:


@Relyss oh! thank you so much! that is really neat to see! I am looking at doing something a bit larger scale, but that is really neat to see! on a side note! I so want those rune objects those would look so epic in my underground spring/temple

here is a little update, I have stopped building at the moment to collect more resources lol I ran out LOL


if you want i could make a simple mod for you that has craftable rune stones kinda like those ones…


@8BitCrab omg could you really?! April fools day aside? XD because that would be simply amazing! Some of those items I would just simply adore! And would make rooms in the tree n such even more amazing!

On a sidr note again I was thinking about having some belconys being made out of the tree mushrooms.

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