Tree of Life Restart

since I have been gone for so long, I came back to see all the new updates and decided to start my game over again. i dont have much going on at the moment. but here are a few screen caps of my works. nothing huge yet. just building bridges of sorts.


awesome to see this project being revived/redone. looking good so far!

thanks @8BitCrab!

this is the start, of the build, well a week into it or so lol


finnished just have to take down the tons of scaffolding


Beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

sadly I had to tare it down. the build was to complicated to complete it, and the scafolding would refuse to come down at all. so I have a new design in my head. one I think will be more tree like.

I hope you manage to keep the aesthetics you were using. They are astonishing.
Fingers crossed :wink:


yah I will be, I will just have to do it in parts rather than one large piece. unless I use Ib but I honestly am hoping to complete the builds without using it. so I will have to do smaller chunks and layers for the wood type effect and do branches and such for last.

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Quick tip: until scaffolding is properly operational, one can tear down any that’s unwilling to go away on its own with the command destroy.
Just select the piece you want gone, open the console (ctrl+alt+c iirc) and use the command.

yes I do know this. however, I have had errors and issues with doing so before. thus I rather do layers rather than having to use commands.


A tester house I am currently working on. I restarted the map, I ended up having issues that have all been reported. so I started off with a smaller base area. anyways,

tester house before skin

moved a few things around

updated some ascetics of the house and have claimed it as my herbologist house