Building roads and making pathways

Hi, I’m kinda new to this game, bought it today’s morning. Really enjoying it.
Have been through some minor bugs, moderators helped me fix it, moving on:

This is what I came up with so far. I’ve been struggling with some road placement.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but once you placed them, they can’t be removed, they’re permament
I screwed them up at some parts, wish there was more easier and beautiful way to do so.

Not comparing anything here, but last time I checked Minecraft, long time ago,
they had that neat “shovel” function, wich lets you make and remove paths.

Perhaps it would be more easier to do so instead of wasting materials on roads,
you can’t remove later on, when you descide to expand or plan something else?
It would also look more detailed if you could make something like this.
(I’m talking more about the gap that separates grass from pathway making it volumetric)

Not to mention, it would take a lot less time since you don’t have to dig out the dirt.
And maybe, just maybe, roads can make your villagers move slightly faster?
So it’ll encourage people to actually plan stuff like this beforehand.

P.S. - sorry for minecraft example, I just can’t think of any other things when
I see this concept in my head. Also, pardon my english. I’m preety terrible at it.

hmm… i’m pretty sure you can remove them the same way you remove any other building, hit B to bring up the build menu, then click on the road, there should be a “remove” option on he ui that comes up.

Note: if the road is part of any other building that building will also get removed, so save before attempting removal


There should be an option to remove roads if you select them, and that should restore the original terrain. You might have to go in to the building menu first? Roads do make villagers move slightly faster, so they prioritize walking on them.

Well, considering what you just said, I might’ve encountered another bug.
Since I preety much can’t remove them. I’m well aware of that option and
I tried it, didn’t work, but one of the mods told me that simple save and restart
can usually fix alot of problems, so I’ll try to remove it again next time I’m in the game.

If that isn’t going to work (even though it supposed to) I’m either doing something wrong
or I have to fill up another bugtracker post tomorrow. Anyways, thanks for info provided.
The thing about visuals, though, still remains a thing. What do you think about it?

Personally, I like the idea and I wish I could program it myself as a mod (if only I knew how).
Adding an extra depth to the road visuals would definetly make it look even better.

It’s not a perfect fix, but I get by using this mod, that way even if the ground does get torn up (or doesn’t want to let me put blocks in the free space) I have a way to fixing the issue.

I think it’d be cool to have a road building option seperate from the building creation so that you can remove certrain parts of the road without having to rebuild every road you have :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t think it’s such a big issue. Although I think it’s logical you’d pay materials for roads as long as it isn’t a dirt road. I mean it’s really realistic and if you’d get a movement buff from them it would be weird to make roads costless.

That guy knows what I’m talking about :smiley:

Roads are basically buildings. If you create one gigantic road network as one single building, then when you want to make a tiny change you will have to remove it all. While it takes a little bit more time, you can make each street or driveway or path as a separate building. This way, if you want to turn your main road from wood to stone, destroying it won’t destroy all your paths and trails.

I recently redid all of the roads and bridges in my large town and while planning took slightly longer, I was able to plan my next road while the hearthlings were building the previous one.

Also, as mentioned before, be very careful (read: don’t do it) about making roads as part of the same building plan as your actual building structures. It’s awfully easy to forget they were connected and destroy your dining hall when you just thought you would be ripping up a road.


^^^ xD That last sentence

I was speaking from experience. :slight_smile:

You actually do get a movement speed buff for walking on roads, just as a heads up.

The flipside of the way roads are currently implemented is that you can plan out a bunch of roads that connect up to multiple buildings. If those buildings have not started being constructed, then they will all link up into one giant super building. Which causes them to all be built as one giant building. It may also cause some pathfinding issues as my game slowed down a lot after it finished building all that stuff.

It’s all pretty bad.

I’d prefer it if roads never autojoined onto other buildings. That would prevent all the issues mentioned in this thread.

My fingers are still crossed that eventually well-traveled voxels will convert into bare dirt, to actually produce “organic” paths from the routes your hearthlings take. Or at the very least have road building not part of the somewhat cumbersome custom building system.

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