Trouble removing designed road

so started a fresh map, layed out some roads but before contructing them i wanted to change them
Steps to reproduce:

  1. lay down some roads
  2. remove the roads
  3. see the hole left

Expected Results:
terrain to return to normal like usally
Actual Results:
top layer not returning.


Version Number and Mods in use:
version 3177 with debugtools and terrain color slab activated
System Information:

I can’t reproduce this.

Do you have the savefile and the log, @Doc_Brano ?

More questions, just to clarify:

  1. You designed the roads, and removed them on design mode, and all this happened while the game was paused?
  2. Were the roads connected to something? They look quite long in the picture.
  3. What is the brighter color on the road on the last picture? Is looks like a manually erased part.
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Yes I only designed it, nothing was build yet. All was still on pause because i had normal mode on and did want to get interupted. The roads were connected to the out side wall. You will see what i did in the savefile.The brighter color is the part i took out to show the gras layer not returning. I will post extra pics to show not every part of the road remains gone. (4.3 MB)

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This happens when I build roads and change my mind about the road in design mode. It leaves a hole in the ground where the road was designed even though the hearthlings didn’t start building it.

Now when I change my mind about the road design, I use the blue curved arrow and go back until the road I designed completely disappears. I don’t pause the game while in design mode because the hearthlings don’t start building until I click the build button to build it. I tried the eraser and it left a hole in the ground so now I use the blue curved arrow, ( what I think is the undo key).

that would be a solution if that one did not break down from time to time. And i already said i do this because i dont want to be interupted by attacking enemy’s

I can’t seem to reproduce this even using your savefile, @Doc_Brano :disappointed_relieved:

Do you click on Remove building, or are you erasing parts with the erase tool?

Saying I don’t pause the game in build mode was just me saying how I play my game and nothing else was meant by it. It wasn’t a suggestion for you to not pause your game while in build mode. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

@Relyss from what I understand, he is erasing the voxels using the eraser, which in turn is creating a hole where the building blocks were.

One workaround is to finish the build (but do not start building it!), and then click on the remove button. This should recover the terrain.


On that note there needs to be an easier way to edit/modify roads/buildings without having to delete the entire thing.

Ugh… Finally! I got it to happen :slight_smile:

Uh… The hole is only visible in building mode, until I reload (then it disappears and I can design there again)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Draw a road:
  2. Draw a second road apart:
  3. Connect them with another road:
  4. Erase everything with the Erase tool:

Results: The place where the second road was, is transformed into a hole where you can’t build anything.
Reloading the UI seems to fix it.


Thanks for reporting this and thanks @Relyss for such great repro steps. I’ve made a fix for this for next unstable release. In the meantime, saving and loading the game fixes the issue.