Road demolition improvement

This is a rather brief statement: When I build roads in a given area, and then think twice about whether they should be there, I demolish them. Simple enough, right? There’s one little problem, however: When roads are demolished, the leave a hole in the ground where the road used to be. It is then a hassle to get anything back on top, and it ends up having to be a road again. Is there a way to stop this from happening, and just “refill” the area with dirt? And, if there isn’t, I believe this is something that should be implemented.

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Are you playing the latest version? If you do, there seems to be a bug, but those holes should be only temporary and disappear after autosaving or restarting.
Have the bug already posted:

I’m playing alpha 16. I have not been patient enough to auto-save and restart, etc, and since it was just after starting up the game, I just quit without saving and opened it again. I will be more patient next time. Thank you in advance!

You only have to enable autosaving in the options. But I believe they disappear also after some other actions. If the holes don’t disappear you should post it as bug because it’s not intended that the terrain is getting destroyed before the actual building process.

Well, no I have another question, and sorry for not making this in another thread. The rubber tool doesn’t work on roads I want to erase, i click and left click and click outside of the building area, nothing happens. The rubber tool just doesn’t work.

In design mode (before actually building the road)?

I don’t remember reports about that in A16 :cold_sweat:

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No, not in design mode. If this is when the road tool is supposed to be used, sorry for making the mistake. It’s just that I once asked a similar question on the Steam Community, and the rubber tool is what the person that responded recommended. How to I remove already built roads?

P.S. sorry about all the dumb questions

If they are already built and you remove them, they’ll leave the holes in the ground, so your suggestion is valid.
There has been some confusion with @SePax bug report, don’t worry about that. :sweat_smile:

Also, I think in A17 you can’t demolish already built things because devs removed that feature until they find a better way to implement it.

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Darn. I suppose I’ll have to find a way around it. Thanks for the help! :smile:

Yeah, I thought only a planned road was meant. Try looking for this mod if you want to fill the holes:
Thanks to @Relyss for the colors :laughing: