[Con] Removing Roads leaves unusable area

I was making a paved road with a curb and later decided to remove it to put a non-curb one in. Now the issue, now that the curbed road is removed there is a one block deep chuck removed from to surface. Due to this "chuck: of dirt missing, i cant seam to build a new road, or anything in this spot for that matter. Any ideas how to fix this or if this is a bug?

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The issue isn’t that you can’t place the road, it is the cursor can’t select the area in where the dirt is missing. I was able to correct this in one of my episodes by building the road one space larger


Back in r186, I was able to fix this by building a floor at that hole (so the hole is still one block deep, it simply has a floor in it) and building a road on top of that floor.


No need to make the road bigger
Roads on floors/slabs? Yes, you can place roads just about wherever you want!


Must wait for floor to be built
More expensive, as twice the materials are needed, and half won’t be seen.
Possibly buggy; the town I tried this out in stopped working.

I was playing around with the roads this morning, because I was as well do not like the curb, it would make more sense if the road was down a block. But I digress, to get back on point you can use the eraser tool in the road builder to just erase the lip. You get this border around the road you designed; however at least the lip is gone. If you want to see what I mean, I’ll be puttiing up an episode tomorrow where I remove this lip from the road I built.

This has not been verified as a bug or not, and I am annoyed cause I deleted most of my road, and now I cannot even build ANYTHING on that part of the map.

We definitely need a way to build back in DIRT or GRASS in these spots.

I’m gonna mark this one as confirmed, the current functionality obviously doesn’t match up with user expectation, and it seems obvious as to what would be the expected behaviour?

If someone wants to change it feel free.

Ah, been wondering what that [Con] meant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Does anyone know if this has been fixed? I’m using the current version as of today, release-559 (x64), but it still won’t let me build anything on top of a deleted road. :frowning:

I know that for alpha 17 they will offer a way to fill gaps with dirt.