How to place road on top of dirt instead of replaceing dirt?

I’m having a problem with roads. I was building stairs down a
cliff side and a road and the top and bottom but I miscounted the stairs
and had to tare down the road at the top in order to fix it but now I
cant put the road back because it wants to put the road on the dirt. so
if there is a way to put road ubuve dirt that would be great. and I dont
think I can stack road so that is out of the question. (Unless you can
do that then I’ll just do that lol) and making the road bigger would
completely screw up what I’ve planned out so far and I would be better
off just restarting lol

though i don’t think there is a way to place roads on top of blocks instead of replacing blocks, you could always use the slab tool

With a foundation you can place a slab down first then replace it; it might work with a road but I haven’t tried.

You can start your road where there is grass (to get the right elevation point) and strecth it over the dirt, then erase the area on grass that you don’t want in your final design.

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How do you erase part of the construction?

I’m not sure if on these newer versions something has changed about it, but on a16 there was, right next to the wood, stone and clay icons, an eraser icon. You would select it, and drag the area you want erased

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I found it thanks. That solves my problem.

I’m playing with the latest dev build so maybe some of it wont work. Road can be stack one on top of the other. (normally i don’t use it anymore since slab tool). Second slab tool the easiest to me but since he had lot of imrpovement recently i don’t remmenber what was doable or not with older versions. And finally i think there is a mod with color terrain slab. I know you solve your problem but maybe it will help someone else.

u can always place slab first the select road tool and and go over your slab, it will replace the slab with road. and it does work i use it all the time

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