I saw some bug about road build

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Hey there @dinner, welcome to the Discourse. Can you please provide a bit more information about what you are encountering?

total guess on my part, but it appears that the hearthlings built scaffolding during road construction due to there being slabs above/beside the place where the road was being built, however they cant/dont remove it from inside the road now that its done being built.


I had this too in a13, not yet in a14.
It was common when building stairs with roads, the first step (the one sunk in the ground) would have a few leftovers in it.

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Had these in a14 and in addition Some Roads just disappeared and I couldn’t place new ones.
One more point would be, that I dont understand why the game won’t let me upgrade Woodroads to Stoneroads. I would really highly appreciate this feature and don’t know if the reason for it not being available is a bug or a missing implementation.

missing feature, but it definitely would be a nice addition… perhaps you could make a new thread suggesting that, over in the #suggestions category :slightly_smiling:

also, welcome to the discourse :smile: