Erasing parts of fully built roads and buildings

In Stone hearth it has happend repeatedly that I make a small error in a building or forget to add a door or windows or with roads that I put down that one is messed up where two roads connect.

I’ve always just wanted to fix it but to do so I have to destroy the entire building/road and start again which is real troublesome if the building/ road system is considerably large. If there’s a tool implemented to do so and I’m just being blind and ignorant please tell me to end my suffering but if there is not I hope it gets implemented.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you seen the “undo” button? It’s located on top of the building menu.

The undo button does not work when the building is fully built. Not for me at least.

True. Yeah, I agree, editing after having done something is a bit lacking so far.