Road Placement Bug

Summary: So this bug happened when I was trying to place new road down and centralizing it towards the main camp fire. The bug no longer allows placement of any new roads anywhere and upon exiting the building placement it will never reset what was previously done. Instead of making it queued and awaiting completion it instead permanently deletes ground corresponding to the size I created although the confusing part is it only deletes the corresponding size connected the mess that has been creating allowing no new road to be built what so ever.

Steps to reproduce: Due to the manner of this bug I had to attempt to reproduce this in a different save entirely.

  1. Enter Build mode and begin placing road anywhere.
  2. Now without exiting build mode or finalizing creation place another piece of road disconnected from the first.
  3. Now place road one by one disconnected from the first two. (These MUST be placed side by side so that each one
    placed touches the last one in some way.)
  4. Place a piece of road connected to the one by one placements to the road you placed in step two.
  5. Begin undoing the road placements until you notice near the one by one placed roads one should disappear and not refill
    with a green block. (At this point begins the bug.)
  6. Now connect the road in step one to this missing block and its adjacent blocks.(At this point all road should disappear
    and leave you with massive blank areas and any road touching them should add to this mess.)

Expected Results: What happened is exactly what I expected.

Actual Results: Results from summary. Multiple attempts cause some results to vary.

Notes: After testing it turns out this is extremely easy to replicate and even though sometimes the road from step one wouldn’t always disappear it acted the same as when it would disappear. Multiple attempts showed that this wouldn’t always happen but would cause a multitude of permanent bugs.


Step Five (That hole in the ground is the source of the glitch and while sometimes the glitch is replicated a multitude of problems rise if you leave build mode without finalizing, undoing, placing more overlapping road, etc.)

Version Number and Mods in use: Release-559 (x64). No mods are installed.

System Information: ASUS
OS: Windows 10 Home
Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U CPU

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can confirm blocks disappearing when designing roads and then removing or undoing the designed road even if it is not build

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Can also confirm. The floor designer for buildings seems to work fine. but with roads this does happen.