Patchwork road glitch

This is a self resolving glitch but would be an issue for new players so hence the note.

The glitch was not present with the old builder. I used to build like this with no issues in the old versions of SH but haven’t tried it again recently until 1.0. and have now noticed this multiple times. (Building materials plentiful.)

The Hearthlings will not build roads/areas designed as a random patchwork of colours in one go. I have to exit the game and then restart. This makes them rush to complete the patchwork area. I use patchwork to create pretty parks and to add creative detail to roads.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Lay out a road or paved area, using random different colours. Easiest way is to create your area then paint colours on, but the glitch occurs however you design the area.
  2. Press build.
  3. Hearthlings clear the area and then stop.
  4. Save game to keep your design and leave then re start.
  5. Hearhlings now finish the build.

Expected Results:
Build would be finished in one go without the need to restart the game.
Actual Results:
Build is finalised on restart of game. I know build re starts on full re load of the game, I can’t remember for sure but it may also work just to go to the main menu and then re load the save.

This applies to a design with random colours, the build is fine with more orderly colours such as stripes. So you can build the look of a well mown lawn in stripes of green just fine. Iran a test as well on a new game where all they had to do was build a little patchwork area with plenty of wood on hand and still this occurred.

Version Number and Mods in use:
1.0 A few biome mods
System Information: