[NEW BUILDER] r-838 Magically Changing Colors of Previous Builds in MP

Okay, first the image:

See how that one section doesn’t match the rest? Two blocks of that was a previous road build that DID match. Creating the new section of road leading towards those stairs in the back caused those blocks to bleach out to the ‘default’ color on clay bricks.

I’ve noticed that when I’m laying roads, if I change to a different section after clicking the mouse, I have to reselect the color I want or it ‘defaults’ to a specific color. The bleached part of the road is the one it has chosen this time around.

It’s starting to get rather annoying, but I know you guys will get it licked. :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue, but also in Single Player. Whenever I lay down a road, the colors resets and I have to pick it again every single time.
I’m used to making patterned stone roads, but it keeps resseting to clay.

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i have had this experience aswell, it seems like the roadtool need a bit more work :slight_smile:

Can confirm the colors swapping back to default after laying out a section of different colored road.

To get it to work I had to choose a different color, then switch back to the color I wanted.

I hope this gets fixed soon. The color that the roads reset to everytime is the color you have on the normal block tool. try change block tool color and it resets to that one.

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The most annoying thing for me with roads is that you generally can’t select patterns, because the block tool doesn’t have any patterns.

This reset issue is fixed for the next build. Is it the same than the issue explained in the OP?


@Relyss Yeah it’s the samething as this pretty much :slight_smile: good to see it getting solved :smiley: