Minor Staircase & Road Bug in Building Mode


A staircase cannot change its color after placing. Neither can a Road. Staircase tool does not swap colors properly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Draw a staircase with the stair tool. (Or a road with the Road tool)

  2. Select the staircase (Road) with the pointer.

  3. Pick a new color in the Stairs (Floor) category of the palette.

  4. Nothing happens.

  5. Select a color on the staircase palette (say, green). Place a staircase. (It will be green.)

  6. Select the block tool and pick a new color. (Say, red.)

  7. Swap back to the staircase tool and place a staircase. It will be the color of the block tool but the palette will show the selected staircase color. (stairs will be Red, palette will show green.)

Expected Results:

The staircase (or road) changes to the new color.
The stair tool will place a staircase of the color displayed in the palette.

Actual Results:

The staircase (Road) does not change color.
The stair tool sometimes inconsistently colors staircases based on the color of the block tool.


You can change walls, floors, and roofs. It seems arbitrary that you can’t change roads or stairs. This also happens with the block tool, but that feels less arbitrary due to its nature. It would still be nice if it could be applied to any selected blocks as well.

(Additionally the Road is tied to the Floor color Scheme and not a Road color scheme. But this may be intended and not a bug)

Version Number and Mods in use:
1.0 hotfix 2.
Radiant Core
Northern Alliance
Rayya’s Children

System Information:
Windows 10

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