Make it harder to replace Floor / Roads Texture

Something which might seem like an effective way of changing for example the entire floor in a house to a totally new color or changing a road to a totally new color seems pretty cool but it can also be extremely annoying when you are working with a lot of details making different colors here and there and then you are about to add another one and you click it and woops you changed everything to the same and all time and work is lost and in my case i could not even Revert that change.

So i would suggest maybe a Bucket / Fill tool maybe like Paint and Photoshop has for changing the paint of the floor / roads and only change the color if its placed with the same texture / color of the block so it works just like with a Image Editing software.


Any plans for adding a bucket/fill tool?
I had to remake my entire big floor area like 10 times now because of this current feature.
Personally i really don’t like it because most of the time it do its feature without you asking to do such a thing.

I do agree with you. It is really annoying to see your designs magically changed to the last selected colour. It is a feature that might seem interesant but does not work for me. I rather have it the way it was before.
In the mean time, as a temporary solution, until they tweak it a little more always remember to never have the floor/road/whatever selected (blue outline) when you click on a new colour. That is the safest approach I have found so far.

Have fun, and keep making your lovely videos, Kyth :wink:


Any news on this? would love this to become a seperate feature. Not sure how many times i repainted my entire floor with a lot of details into a single color and the revert tool is not working making you have to redo everything.

Or atleast add something “are you sure you want to repaint everything?”


It would be also nice to add a color-picker Tool. It’s not so easy sometimes to figure out witch color you used.


Would love that to :slight_smile:

Would really like to be able to disable the current repaint feature.
Happened today again with a big build and revert is broken as most of the times with big buildings.

Had to repaint the entire thing two times >_<

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