Recolor building after it is finished?

Hey guys! I was just curious if you can re-color a building after it is finished. I just realized that I have part of a road that is the wrong color and I wanted to change it to match the rest of the road. Am I out of luck? Thanks!


as far as i’m aware its impossible to edit/deconstruct buildings once they are complete, so… i guess you’re out of luck :frowning:

weeps bitterly… meh, it’s alpha :wink: Thanks for the reply!

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As the crab said, can’t modify the building after it’s done.

In A16 (ie the current ‘normal’ release on Steam), you can still Pause->Edit->Remove a completed structure to dismantle it (in its entirety). (this “unbuild” process is a bit buggy and thus is disabled in the ‘dev’ releases more recent than A16; personally, I had good success Removing flat objects like roads, foundations, and floors using it).

You can also use the console to Destroy the building. (open the console with ctrl-C; selected the building, then type ‘destroy’ (without the quotes) in the console and hit enter. Do be sure to save first, in case you wind up having something different selected by accident.) (this also should work regardless of which current version you’re using, ‘normal’ A16 or the ‘dev’ latest)

Those two options, alongside “revert to an earlier save before you built the thing” are the available ways to 'remove a building, and that’s the closest we come to editting for now.

Edit - corrected the command. Destroying is just “destroy” (all lower case); mining and building are the ‘instant’-named ones ><

I run into a lot of those “picked the wrong color” moments too - fewer, now, but still happens plenty. The ghostly ‘design’ colors and the ‘real’ colors can look impressively different at times. I wind up having 3 segments of road serve as “color palletes” (one for wood, stone, and clay), with a strip of each color, in the order they are in the picker, to have a better reference for what things will look like once built. But even then, lighting plays a huge role in final appearance, so what /looked/ like a matching color (to an object, or some other Building where you forgot what you’d picked, etc) often turns out to be very, very not.

Thank you for your reply! Maybe we can hope for a “color picker” tool in the building editor someday? That way you just use the tool to click on an existing color on one of your buildings and you know for sure you have the right color. :wink: crosses fingers

An ‘eyedropper’/‘pipette’ color picker tool would be a very handy addition, I agree :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s been suggested a few times:

That last one (May2016) has had it’s main suggestion incorporated recently (giving the colors names; it’s in the dev/latest releases); here’s to hoping the small mention of an eyedropper tool’s still on their radar :wink:

Whoops! I forgot to check the forums before posting. Sorry about that.

Sorry, sounds like I came across wrong - I wasn’t intending to complain about repetition or duplicate posting. I had been about to suggest that you create a Eyedropper tool post in Suggestions, then realized I might as well see if anyone else had posted one before, and found those three.

I’m new enough around here that I don’t know if custom would be to necropost one of the old threads to reiterate your angle on the point, merely Like the old thread/post, or create a new one given the time difference since the two that were focused on the idea (~1 year), so I left the “what to do to encourage this” part ambiguous.

So essentially, I was trying to point out ways for you to maybe take this further, not complain about what you’d done :wink:

perhaps you can make a wallpaper mod ^^ but for this you must code in that it check how large and long is the wall - and then perhaps also a colorcircel xD

There is a workaround that I found:
If you color or paint a completed building and then save the building as a template, you can rebuild it colored :slight_smile: