Seeing Actual Structure Colors

Lately I’ve been having a hard time knowing what the colors of a material would actually look like when it was officially placed by a Hearthling. Just a suggestion, but if there was a mode in the building editor that you could select that would make you be able to see how the building would look in the world without the “not built” bluish tint. This mode would probably pause the game to make sure you don’t forget the building wasn’t actually built and you wouldn’t continue on in the game thinking it was there. This would be neat and save a lot of confusion and frustration when I realize I built my building with the wrong tint of wood or wrong shade of roof in a slabbed roof trying to look like a stock roof.

Just a suggestion and let me know if I need to clarify something :slight_smile:


I don’t really get it? As long as you build during daytime, the colors are pretty much the same?

I think many people already pause the game to build sometimes, I know I do. And everytime you open the build&design or designated zones tab you’ll see all your blueprints.

I agree I don’t like the transparency when building in the editor, it has given me problems when working with colors.
this is particularly annoying when the game will not select the thing you are working on- since if you have your building selected and then choose a new color it will repaint the entire structure that color. and then the undo button will only work sometimes. you are in a loop of wanting colors and having to give up your sanity to get them.
I assumed others have this same issue but maybe not.

I hope the editor gets completely redone and doesn’t have these problems.

Chris is aware of this problem, we’ll definitely do something about it in the new editor :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s been suggested many times, I agree it’s annoying when designing buildings at night or just the semi-transparent blocks that don’t show the actual colors. Not to mention using them with low graphic settings :sweat: