Which colour is that?

I do not know if I am the only one with this problem BUT when I build something without a template then do something else (attack, defend, production …) and then resume building or start another building project where I want to use the exact same colour schema, I often do not know which colour I did use for everything.
Did I use gray 1, gray 2 or gray 3 …or wait gray 4???
And was this brown 1, brown 2, light brown, black brown or brown 3234435345.

Here an example, this wass has been build with slabs, yesterday:

Sooo which colour did I use, yeah it is night, even harder to figure it out.

Has anyone else this problem or even a solution?


well i’ve definitely run into this problem,

my “solution” is to always use the same grey whenever i build something with it, for example, i would always use the grey in the top right that way when i come back from being distracted i can remember that its the one in the top right corner.

does that make sense?

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I have the same problem.
I see that you’re using the slabs mod. When I was testing it I almost thought that the colors of the desert weren’t the ones I added, which made no sense. It was just hard to tell which one was the correct one.

The ones on the stone section that you show on your screenshot are subject to change, and they are just slightly different shades of the same colors :sweat:

If they at least had a tooltip with the hex code or something…

Edit: @groms, if you click on the wall, does its color get selected on the UI to change it or it just selects the first one?


Neither, the colour I have selected last.


In cases like these, makes me want a dropper tool that you normally see in most graphic programs. You know the tool that when selected you click on color and that becomes the brush.

Wonder if it is possible to add something like that; In which it will select the block color used… Hmm…

Building in the desert faction gets confusing with all those desert colors and I actually have to keep remembering the color for the wooden beams they use for the roofs. I like building extendables from the housing… Like awnings and the like.

Also the walls I decorate similarly to default buildings, if not with my own touch in some places. At least I finally got it down to roughly certain colors for certain areas of the building memorized… Somewhat mostly. :slight_smile:

I would say the blue one would be it, but it looks like you are at night time?! Anyway it is most likely 2 row 3rd from left. Is what it looks like it could be.