Color coding for colorblind people

Would it be possible to somehow have the different colors of blocks we can build with have actual names or numbers in the select screen for color blind people like myself. I have a better time remembering names vs shades.

Wouldn’t have to be nothing fancy, just right now I’m kinda writing down “3rd color from the end, 2nd row” or something of that nature. I’ve messed up a few times when building when I may be doing something where I have to save then come back the next day.



But… why does it matter if a wall is green or red, if you can’t distinguish between them anyways? Serious question.

theres different types of color blindness, I can tell after awhile, sometimes I may not pick up on it right away, and your right, sometimes not at all on certain shades. Green and red though are easy, dark shade of green, vs say a brown, maybe not. was just a suggestion is all

thx for the answer, i hope the devs add a “colourblind mode” or something.

honestly i think this is something many people, colorblind or otherwise, would like…

half the time i find myself doing the same thing :sweat_smile:


I think this is a good idea. I would like to implement tooltips for the colors.
That said, I am terrible at color names. If anyone in the community would like to name these colors, that would help me a LOT.

Wood colors:

Stone colors:

Clay Colors:

Please help name them and thank you!


i’m also terrible at naming colors… but for the blue stone colors you could go with the basic names like, “Navy blue”, “Sky blue”, “bright blue” or whatever… have not a clue for what any of the other colors should be called though…

You could use the standard X11 colour names :slight_smile: at least for the simple rgb ones without texture…


oh nice!
I found this site too: Name that Color - Chirag Mehta :
perhaps this will be easier than I’d thought :slight_smile:


I’m sure I can be of great assistence… there is white, brown, blue and grey :smiley:

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Mine usually go blue, less blue, darker blue? wait, are we still in blues? yells for the wife

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Lol the first 2 colors in wood resource both fall under "Barley Corn"
Maybe I will just put the hex key as the tooltip lol


This is now my favorite thread. <3s to everyone! Don’t forget there’s Pantone™ color names too.

Just going to throw this out there, but DEB887 is burlywood. I say we steal the name on principle. :wink:


I’m partially color blind, and the only complete color I can’t see is purple. That being said, this throws off all my other reds and blues. So say I want to build something with specific colors to show off to you guys, I have to ask my fiance to help or it looks completely different to yall.


I’m not color blind at all, but I totally see the need for this. Honestly I would like an eyedropper tool to ‘lift’ the color of whatever block is selected on screen.


One technique is to name colors based on what is colored like that by default. For example, blue and red under “stone” is used on roofs, as is yellow under “wood”. Pixelized light brown or gray is obviously plastered wood/clay wall etc.

On the other hand, having “wall” or “roof” in color names may confuse the player making him think this color can only be applied to roofs/walls.
Also, ideally the scheme should be easily scalable for usage in different coloring mods.

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Okay, I found a new site:
This one has different names for the first 2 shades, so it appears to have a wider choice of colors. Will put all the colors through the site and use that as tooltips.
Man this will make the hearthlings sound so artsy. That wall is such a nice shade of “Pesto”


Why not give them simpler names… like
Oak wood, Willow wood, Birch wood, Rose wood, Chestnut wood, Maple wood. etc (or planks instead of wood.)

Stone. Granite, Basalt, Sandstone, Bedrock, Agate, Limestone and Slate.

Clay is a big harder but maybe the origins of the colour? Riverbed clay, Fine clay, Mud brick, Hummus, Peat.