Tool tip / aid for color blind folks

From what I can read, the ‘type’ of terrain often matters.

I.E. Mining in ‘stone’ increases drop rate of hunk of stones, in ‘dirt’ (but not the top layer) for clay, mentions trappers getting better luck in plains, not mountains (though not sure if this is just elevation issue?)

And there are defiantly different colors (though us color blind folks may or may not be able to see the difference), I can when two are side by side tell there IS a difference (more bright/dark then color) but even of what seems to be ‘dirt’ (i.e. can put farm or pasture on) seems to be in different colors.

If this is a difference in these (effect crops/hers, or different chance of results from mine action, etc…) there needs to be some no color way to determine.

An example that ‘works’ is with ore nodes. I can usually detect the difference when one is exposed, though can not begin to tell a copper from gold, or iron from silver. and if in semi-fog, dark directly visible usually can’t identify any of them by 'sight; however, for ORE nodes, you can 'click on the voxel(?) and select and then in lower left hand corner, it identifies. Perhaps this could be used.

Right now clicking ‘ground’ seems to de-select whatever (hearthling, item, etc) you have selected. Perhaps make it so, in de-selecting, it also changed the ‘selection box’ to a small tool tip that said, sandy soil, or stone, or ???. Giving a better idea, of what could be done here successfully (I.E. farm, or mine for stone, or mine for clay). I notice looking of some of the files, there are entries for soil ‘fertility’ while not sure if this is implemented, if it is, then a non-color based, way to determine what type of soil it is well be required for color vision impaired people to enjoy the game.


What a great suggestion! Have you thought about this issue @sdee? :slight_smile: