Depth perception

Hi everyone!

I’ve been absent for quite some time from the forum, but I can’t seem to find this topic:

I would like to discuss the perception of depth, corners and outlines in the game. Currently, a house that uses the same colors or a mining shaft has like zero difference between walls and floors:


Whoever sees the mining shaft here (not the platform in front of it) gets an imaginary cupcake!

Using the grid function helps a bit, but I would like to discuss, how we could avoid this visual problem (especially if we go underground, poor dwarves!).

Turn on Ambient Occlusion in the Settings, that should help at least a bit. That being said, an overhaul of the current implementation would be nice with more options like radius, number of samples etc, but I can understand that it’s not currently on the list of urgent features.

On a side note, a while ago I figured out how to change AO settings manually but the file structure seems to have been changed. Does anyone know where the mentioned file went? I’m a bit out of the loop. Edit: Found it and updated it to make it clearer.

Thanks! That already helps a lot. Maybe we could also get some slight color variances for stone, walls etc. .

as far as I can tell, the colors will not be changed, but lighting and shading will be vastly different in future updates to hopefully remedy this exact issue

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