How to Change Ambient Occlusion Range and Intensity

I’d like to tinker around with AO options a bit, range, strength, etc., and am wondering, if the settings are located somewhere within accessible files. If yes, does anyone know where exactly and how to change them?

Edit: Found a shader file with promising settings in Stonehearth.smod which you can find in steamapps/common/Stonehearth/mods. Open the file with 7Zip and navigate to: stonehearth\data\horde\shaders. There’s a file called ssao.shader. Unzip only that file to wherever you want and open it with Wordpad or the Editor.
Inside you’ll find several values you can change. The ones you’re looking for are:

float radius = x.x;
const float intensity = x.x;

and probably #define NUM_SAMPLES 32

Change the values, save the file and drag it back into stonehearth\data\horde\shaders. Done.

This is how the game looks with a float radius of 3.5 and intensity of 1.0:

Not the best implementation of SSAO, granted. Wonder if it’s possible to get some of the Reshade shaders to work. Tried starting SH with Reshade but no hook works.