Texture, texture packs ect

Personally I find the game texture a bit lacking, buildings and terrain seems to miss any definition. This makes it hard to see where one thing end and something else begins if they are made of the same materials. thou the game does have some building materials that have patterns I do wish they all had them. Like stone has that brown scramble blocks and the bleu checkerboard pattern. Al the walls have a pre-set where they mix up some colours. but most of them are just one plain colour.

So I like to suggest to give them all some kind of block variation…or some kind of low key tone variation within one block. Just for reverence, if you look ad the sand texture in minecraft its pretty subtle and I think it would help define some objects
but adding in to much contrast will look really messy, I think that’s why most people don’t like cobblestone

Maybe this can be done in texture packs, idk I would love to play around with them. But would it be possible to vane textures that are bigger then one block? so it only repeats its self if you made a wall out of it , so called connected textures.

Edit, I forgot something
Is it possible to name colours? and a way to look them up in constructed buildings? I keep forgetting what kind shade I used. Maybe some simple names like oak brown, maple brown. Bone white , ivory, etc.

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I agree there needs to be ‘something’ more done to have visual difference between materials. Could be texture separation, could also be material separation (the difference between a dull chalk or a shiny metal or a slick plastic).

This would be nice - I always have the same issue.

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I’d love to see a texture pack option. With the major focus on creativity it seems to go in line that texture packs are a given. Eventually. But I haven’t seen any mention of it in the devs notes though…

Where are the ‘dev notes’?

i doo agree that blocks need textures just something like minecraft does have

Sorry, I meant the road map, or any other documentation I’ve seen from them.

Ha, oh cool - I thought there was some new reservoir of knowledge I was missing out on ; P.

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