Texture mixer.?

Not sure if anyone ever played one of the new sims games? (latest one? i forgot) Cuz in there they have like a texture mixer for wall papers and clothing textures and what not.

In basis there are X amount of standard patterens you can they mix with overlays(<-not sure that’s the correct word) and stuff like that.
creating an almost endless amount of …texturepatterns? with a fairly few standard ones to pick from.

lets say like a rock texture and a sand texture would probably make something that looks quite believable.

No clue if sutch a thing would be possible in a voxel game…i could imagine it would be to resource heavy.
But it does open up for like said an almost limitless color possibilities.

The thing is; There are no definite textures in the game @Psyduck The game only has solid colors and no gradients.

Pttf spare me the details!! always some problem with you! :stuck_out_tongue:
But Psyduck polarbears cant fly?!

But Psyduck there are no textures in the game?!

see my plan is great?!