Textures (Suggestion)

If you have seen some of the pictures of Stonehearth, you can see that all the voxels in the game don’t have texture.

For example:


You can see that all voxels don’t have texture.

So my idea is to add textures in-game.

For example, grass could be a smooth/rigid grassy texture, dirst can have a powdery, moist texture, water could be an aquamarine blue and be transparent, wood could be rough and woody, leaves could have a more soft, see-throug, leafy texture stone could have a rough/rigid texture, etc.

Do you like my idea. Post your opinion in the comments below!


Allow me to explain a bit here, first off a while some of the stuff is a bit technical and irrelevant voxels are essentially 3d pixels. Pixels are only one colour and it’s the same with voxels, if people want more detail (e.g. textures) for pixels they just make the pixels smaller so they can have more detail, so just use more voxels for more detail. The other part is that less detail = less work = less time = faster, meaning that if there isn’t textures the game will likely run significantly faster than if there is.


I would disagree and I think u might too by the end.

If they wanted to, Radiant could have tried to, make it more detailed, used curves and gone for realistic looking graphics. But they decided to go with what you see. If you start adding more detail, the game starts to take on a more serious feeling to it.
Radiant has mentioned lots of time that they are going for that 16 bit feeling, with its cartoonish cuteness that makes you go awe.

Imagine lots of little dots all splashed in that grass, and how it would distract from the buildings, your citizens and the like,

Also do not like the idea of textures. The design is part of the charm of this game, which got me attracted. If it would have textures, probably I would have not noticed it.

Just to really echo what everyone else is saying, I love the visual design they have now … I feel like this whole textures thing would just be a bit unnecessary

while i can appreciate the idea (playing minecraft with the PureBDCraft texture pack makes for an entirely different experience), in the case of SH, the existing visual style is what absolutely drew me in…

i personally wouldnt want to change the existing style… although i do recall Tom mentioning players being able to implement their own shaders?

someone with more graphical prowess could probably elaborate on what that might mean…

I actually like the flat, primary colors look of Stonehearth. As has been said, that is one of its charms for a lot of players. That said, I see no reason why you or someone else couldn’t mod it into the game. I fully expect texture packs to appear during the Beta as community modders start to play around. For me, though, I’m likely to stick with the default because it is so fun.

I love the simple look but might consider modding the colour pallet to something darker and colder, after all winter is coming and for the norse probably fimbul winter and ragnarok.

Or maybe a seasonal pallet cycle


The simplicity, I think, at this point is something that defines Stonehearth. Over complicating things with textures would ruin the feel that the Developers have achieved, which would be no good. [quote=“TobiasSabathius, post:8, topic:1595”]
Or maybe a seasonal pallet cycle
A season pallet cycle however is an amazing idea :smiley:

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yessss… and while only somewhat related, i see this, and all i can think of is:

Glacier Biome: Snowy, icy lands with unique building mechanics for
igloos and frost forts!

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I don’t think that adding textures would be a good fit here. The current style encourages texture creation by using the blocks themselves to bring out details, whereas bitmap textures are best used to give detail to the flat surfaces of a polygonal model.

I think giving a seasonal/a wide variety of colors in the pallet (including transparent/semi-transparent colours) would help bring out details that texture maps normally would.

Well I agree with the mob here, but I’m not writing this to be repetitive.
@xophnog mentioned that it could be modded into the game. I strongly doubt that. At least not the easy way, by swapping texture packs, since there is no texture pack to swap out. All color variation is done with single color polygons. Adding texture support through scripting seems very unlikely too since you would probably have to mess with the core functionality to do something like that.

Some way to change the pallet is much more likely, but that would not give the opportunity to add more color variation and details.

Yeah, guys. I wasn’t really exited about the idea of Textures eather when I was writing this.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that no textures adds charm to the game…

Anyways, can someone lock up this thread?

ask, and ye shall receive… :wink: