Terrain Suggestions; warning: wall of text inside

Hi, I was thinking about some suggestions for better terrain!

As you can see in a screenshot above, the lake area is too blocky. When I have time I try to terraform these to have more ‘natural’ look by adding curves. It could be improved from the map generator though!

  1. The ‘green’ layer next to water (maybe range of four blocks) could be lowered by one block, so that the angle would be less steep.
  2. Adding sand texture that was introduced in desert biome would also improve the overall looks! If the area directly next to the lake would have sand texture, this would make it look more believable. In my head it would go like this:
  • terrain generator decides where is lake gonna be
  • those 16x16 chunks next to lake area in all 3 dimensions (around and below) would have sand texture applied to
  • chunks around lake area would have one block tall layer sanded down to provide ‘beach’ look.
  1. This one’s a bit game changing, but hear me out. Making farming possible only in areas next to water. By giving dirt blocks next to water a ‘muddy’ or ‘watered’ state, they would change texture slightly to one a bit darker and only on these placing farming zones would be possible. Something along the lines how farming works in Dwarf Fortress. Reason behind this is simple: Stonehearth is at its current state too easy. And this comes from a player who usually plays his games at the easiest difficulty!

But how would 2 and 3 combine together? Morty, you cannot have the sand and muddy dirt at the same time!
Well first of all, the sand would be applied at terrain generation, and ‘muddiness’ would be applied when water touches the dirt. As you guys said few times, Stonehearth is a game of planning, and this would make the player plan ahead more. The player would dig a trench going from the lake (or river if added in the future) going towards the area they want to farm. Now the ‘thickness’ of this muddiness would be calculated as: for every block thickness of the trench, two adjacent blocks would get watered. So 2 blocks thick canal would water 4 blocks of farmland from each side.

Another thing needs to be addressed as well, in my opinion, and that is moving individual blocks. So far player can only build structures, but not terrain per se. It would be very good if player could move dirt as they can move bushes and cacti and herbs atm. This would help the player in mountain and desert regions.

And also about the desert biome, the second step about adding sand could be reverted. Generator would add a grass layer next to lake, and when player want they can start planting directly on top of the grass layer, as it already has a ‘muddy’ state, or just move those dirt blocks in the area they want to till. The muddiness would also be modified a bit as well for desert biome, as the water would provide only half of wetness compared to forest biome.

My last point is about adding more noise to terrain generation. As you can see in the screenshot, the lake is more like a cross than an actual circle, or rounded shape that bodies of water tend to have. I think, though I’m no expert here, that if during terrain generation it would recognize that there are two chunks diagonally to each other (could be simple check like ‘Do I have a chunk of empty air next to me? If yes, does this chunk of empty air has another chunk of dirt/mountain next to it? If yes, does this chunk have another chunk of dirt/mountain that we both are neighbours to?’) and then the generator would just sand them down.

Now I hope I didn’t scare off too many people by this wall of text, but this has been on my mind for quite some time, and I just had to know if there is anything similar planned, or if I’m having delusions :smiley:

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I believe irrigation is planned eventually. Also, that water isn’t complete.

Most people ask about being able to replace grass, not about moving dirt, but terrain’s definitely going to need an overhaul one of these days.


I like the blocky cartoony look of this game TBH. I would be sad if they changed it. I actually really hate the way Minecraft generates biomes, with rounded 1 block height differences and sand beaches trying to look realistic. It ends up making the game look cluttered, shadows everywhere, too many colours between the grass/dirt/grass/dirt/sand.

I do like the ideas on irrigation and farming, but IIRC that’s already been announced for later.


I actually dislike the way Minecraft went, I liked it very much, but the fact that mods added functionality and depth that they couldn’t reproduce, even simply amount of content-wise, I lost interest. The whole direction they headed was outside of my interest. But that would be discussion for some other time.

I was merely pointing at the fact, that desert biome has much better noise distribution when you look at the mountain edges and that or similar noise distribution could be applied to lake areas as well.

By lowering half a chunk by one block, it would add a very subtle but still noticable change and realness to the overall look. Plus, when (if?) they’re going to introduce glass, we’re going to need those beaches (as well as maybe sand dunes, or sand clusters in mountains/hills?) and as said above, water is still not finished. It is very weird for a body of water to have steep walls and be just a block of water anywehere.

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